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The Zoological Museum


The Zoological Museum contains an extensive collection of animals from Ireland and abroad from a total collection of approximately 25,000  specimens.

Re-Opens to the public in June 2016

Dublin’s best kept secret!

Great Auk Image

Suitable for all the family, the Zoological Museum holds some of the most amazing creatures on the planet.
• Don’t miss the tragic tale of Ireland’s Last Great Auk. Extinct since 1844, only a handful of these beautiful birds survive in museums today.
• Meet Prince Tom, the ‘Royal’ elephant who travelled the world with Queen Victoria’s son, Prince Alfred.
• Have your photograph taken through the jaws of a Great White Shark.
• Admire the world-renowned delicate glass artworks of sea creatures crafted by father and son team Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka in the 19th century.
• Keep clear of the giant Gavial. Is it as fierce as it looks?
• Hold one of the world’s strangest teeth. What animal do you think it’s from?
• Look out for the Tasmanian wolf. Is it really extinct?

Admission rates:
Adult €3
Children €2
Group: €2 each for groups of 8 or more (max 20 people)
Opening Hours:

Monday - Sunday

Re-Opens to the public in June 2016

Contact us:

T: +353 (0)1 8961366

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