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The first-year course is designed primarily to establish and consolidate competence in understanding and using
the Spanish language. The program also comprises a course on Introduction to Modern Spain and one on
Introduction to Spanish and Spanish-American Literature.

Spanish Language (Ms Virginia Segura, Ms Patricia González, and Mr Javier Álvarez Caballero)

SP1021 Non-beginners are expected to attend four language classes each week, including one in Spoken Spanish.

SP1022 Beginners are expectedto attend five language classes each week, including one in Spoken Spanish. Beginners
will need (inside and outside cocommitment to language study and preparation; by the time of the examinations
in May it is expected that they will have reached the same level as non-beginners.

Prescribed texts
  • Juan Kattán-Ibarra & Christopher J. Pountain. Modern Spanish Grammar: A Practical Guide
    (Routledge, 2003)
  • Spanish Grammar Booklet
  • A copy of a good bilingual dictionary

SP1015 Introduction to Modern Spain (Dr Bayó Belenguer)

All Junior Freshmen (TSM - Two Subject Moderatorship & ES - European Studies) are expected to attend
lecture each week on the course Introduction to Modern Spain.

Prescribed texts
  • Martin Blinkhorn, Democracy and Civil War in Spain, 1931-1939 (Routledge)
  • John Hooper, The New Spaniards (Penguin)

SP1005 Introduction to Spanish & Spanish American Literature (Dr O'Hagan, Ms Kelly, Dr Bayó Belenguer)

Junior Freshmen (TSM - Two Subject Moderatorship) also attend one seminar each week on the course
Spanish& Spanish American Literature.

Prescribed texts
  • Selection of poems (Departmental booklet)
  • Jean Franco (ed.), Spanish Short Stories (Penguin)
  • F. García Lorca, La casa de Bernarda Alba (ed. Ramsden, Manchester U.P.)
  • G. García Márquez, Crónica de una muerte anunciada
  • Ramón J. Sender, Requiem por un campesino español (ed. Patricia MacDermott, Manchester U.P.)

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Junior Freshman Course Information