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Research Overview

How does Earth work? How has life shaped Earth? - And how has Earth shaped life? What causes climate to change? - And how much can it change?

Our research addresses such fundamental questions. Work within the Geology Department spans a diverse range of topical issues and tackles challenges from understanding the physical and biological genesis of our planet, to ensuring energy and resource security, to climate change mitigation. This work has an emphasis on understanding the fundamental principles of geological processes, which occur on a vast range of spatial and temporal scales, from picoseconds for chemical reactions on mineral surfaces to billions of years for biological evolution and plate tectonic processes. We combine fieldwork, laboratory analyses, theory and numerical modelling to reveal and quantify such earth system processes.

The Geology Department’s research falls into three core themes:

Interested in coming to the Geology Department for postgraduate research? Please contact the individual staff members directly to find out more.

Last updated 5 March 2015