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You are very welcome to the TCD School of Engineering, an institution rich in tradition and progressive in outlook.

The School was founded in 1841 and is one of the oldest Engineering Schools in the English speaking world. The Baccalaureus in Arte Ingeniaria (BAI) degree was established in 1872 and early graduates played a major role in the development of local government services and infrastructure in 19th century Ireland, whilst others contributed as far afield as India, Australia, Africa and Japan. In addition to many famous engineers, the list of graduates includes landscape artist, Nathaniel Hone, and songwriter, Percy French. Well-known graduates of more recent vintage include Chris Horn of Iona Technologies and John McGuire of Trintech.

Brief History of the School

Latest News

William Johnson International Gold Medal awarded to John Monaghan

Professor John Monaghan was awarded the William Johnson International Gold Medal for his lifetime achievements in Materials Processing Research and Teaching at a ceremony held in DCU on Thursday 14 August 2014. The award ceremony was attended by academics from TCD, DIT, UCD and DCU and also members of Professor Monaghan's family.
21 August 2014

Dr Cathal Wilson and Prof Tony Robinson: Herchel machine was named after the man who discovered infrared radiation School co-develops new 'state of the art' infrared energy mapping instrument

The infrared device was developed by thermodynamics specialist Prof Tony Robinson of Trinity College Dublin in conjunction with Ceramicx through an Innovation Partnership at a cost of some €450,000 which was partly funded by Enterprise Ireland. It was launched at the world’s largest plastics trade show in Germany last October.
21 July 2014

LaunchBoxTrinity Business Incubator ‘LaunchBox’ welcomes MME student entrepreneurs Patrick Lynch, Paul Mahony and Paul Mannix

MME students Patrick Lynch, Paul Mahony and Paul Mannix make up one of the teams of budding entrepreneurs taking part in LaunchBox. Now in its second year, LaunchBox will run a three-month accelerator programme, which is open to teams of Trinity students (undergraduate and postgraduate) with early-stage business ideas.
9 July 2014

Jack Fitzsimons wins Donal Morphy Scholarship to Oxford

Congratulations to Jack Fizsimons, 4th year computer engineering graduand, who was awarded the Donal Morphy Scholarship to Oxford to begin his DPhil (PhD) in Machine Learning. 
8 July 2014

Secondary School Girls Design Robots and Discover the Exciting World of Engineering

Secondary school girls from Dublin and Co. Wexford have just spent two weeks designing robots, making solar-powered cookers, and programming LED lights as they took part in a programme at Trinity College Dublin designed to open their eyes to the possibility of an exciting career in engineering.
7 July 2014

Cycling on the Increase in Dublin - But How Safe is it?

Professor Brian Caulfield in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering recently published two studies in peer-reviewed journals (both available here) that considered how cycling rates and related accidents have changed in the city of Dublin.
20 June 2014

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