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You are very welcome to the TCD School of Engineering, an institution rich in tradition and progressive in outlook.

The School was founded in 1841 and is one of the oldest Engineering Schools in the English speaking world. The Baccalaureus in Arte Ingeniaria (BAI) degree was established in 1872 and early graduates played a major role in the development of local government services and infrastructure in 19th century Ireland, whilst others contributed as far afield as India, Australia, Africa and Japan. In addition to many famous engineers, the list of graduates includes landscape artist, Nathaniel Hone, and songwriter, Percy French. Well-known graduates of more recent vintage include Chris Horn of Iona Technologies and John McGuire of Trintech.

Brief History of the School

Latest News

15 School of Engineering Students Awarded Trinity Sports Scholarships

Congratulations to the 15 students from the School of Engineering who received Trinity Sports Scholarships at an award ceremony held in December.
21 January 2015

3DPrintingResearch at Trinity to blaze a trail into 3D printing of metal components

Engineers at Trinity College Dublin will lead an international study to develop a new technology that allows 3D “printing” of metal components. The €500,000 project represents the largest single research award made to the university by the European Space Agency (ESA). (Irish Times 19/01/2015)
19 January 2015

Weatherbeaten – How Can we Predict and Minimise Extreme Weather Impacts?

Professor Alan O'Connor speaks on RTÉ about his involvement in RAIN, which seeks to develop an extreme weather risk-management framework for use across the EU.
22 December 2014

Thapar University and Trinity College Dublin Announce Future Collaboration

Trinity College Dublin and Thapar University have announced the intention to develop an institutional partnership at a special event in New Delhi.
27 November 2014

Robbie the RobotRobbie the Robot Team Wins 2014 Technological Innovation Award

A team of staff and students from the School of Engineering was awarded the 2014 Technological Innovation Award for designing a prototype robot to help a teenager born without limbs carry out everyday tasks.
25 November 2014

Professor John Fitzpatrick Medal awarded to Mechanical Engineering graduate Kate Gillen

The Inaugural Professor John Fitzpatrick Medal has been awarded to Kate Gillen, a 2014 MAI Mechanical Engineering graduate, at an event held in Trinity College on 4th November, 2014.
6 November 2014

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