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Welcome to Trinity Week 2018
9th – 13th April 2018

The Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science is delighted to host this year’s programme of events for Trinity Week. The theme for the week is “Energy”. Trinity Week commences at 10am on “Trinity Monday”, 9th April, when Trinity College Dublin celebrates the announcement of new Honorary Fellows, Fellows and Scholars of the College. The ceremony is one of the oldest and most colourful at Trinity College and refers back to the foundation of Trinity College in 1592 as a corporation consisting of the Provost, the Fellows and the Scholars. The announcement is made by the Provost, surrounded by members of the Board of College in full academic gowns and hoods, on the steps of the Public Theatre. Students and staff celebrate the occasion with colleagues, friends and family in Front Square and members of the public are very welcome to witness this event.

Members of the public and College community are welcome to join us in a celebratory week of events including symposia, lectures, and a range of free interactive events. We would love to see you in Trinity College Dublin during Trinity Week so you can enjoy our beautiful campus, and take part in some of the events that are designed to show you what goes on in the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science.

The Trinity Week 2018 imagery was inspired by Arnaldo Pomodoro's sculpture ‘Sfera con Sfera’. Click here for more information.

Professor Vinny Cahill
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science