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Research Projects

The MAMMI Study is a longitudinal, cohort study examining prevalence and risk factors for a range of morbidities in over 3000 first-time mothers in Ireland.

The Maternal health & Maternal Morbidity in Ireland study is a multi-strand, multi-centre, cohort study investigating prevalence and risk factors for a range of morbidities in 3000 nulliparous (first time) mothers. This number represents almost 10% of all first-time mothers giving birth in Ireland in a given year. The MAMMI study is now one of the largest prospective maternal health studies globally.

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COST Action 18211: Perinatal Mental Health and Birth Related Trauma: Maximising Best Practice and optimal Outcomes

DEVOTION CA18211 is the name of the European Union funded Network of maternity and midwifery researchers, established to improved Perinatal Health outcomes and reduce birth related trauma. The Network comprises over 110 researchers from 33 partner universities across Europe, working to improve Maternal, Infant and Family health

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CORALE Project

CORALE Project,  investigates how the right to conscientious objection to abortion services in Ireland works in practice, along with producing recommendations for how conscientious objection should work in the future and whether any change needs to be made to the law.

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SIGN: Making maternity experiences positive for deaf women
The aim of this project is to understand the maternity experiences of deaf women in Ireland and how our maternity experiences can be improved.

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