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Principal Investigators & Work Package Leaders

Mark EmmersonProf Mark Emmerson

WP1 Leader

Professor of Biodiversity, School of Biological Sciences, Queens University Belfast.

Research Interests: Community ecology, biodiversity loss, ecosystem services, food web theory and ecosystem functioning of marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems.
Tel: +44 28 9097 2912


Padraig WhelanDr Pádraig Whelan

WP2 Leader

Lecturer, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University College Cork.

Research Interests: Aquatic and terrestrial botany and ecology, road landscaping, biodiversity, conservation and management of alien species.
Tel: +353 21 4904560


Tasman CroweDr Tasman Crowe

WP3 Leader

Senior Lecturer, School of Biological and Environmental Science, University College Dublin.

Research Interests: Ecology, diversity and behaviour of marine invertebrates. Relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Human impacts on and conservation of marine biodiversity. Fisheries management.
Tel: +353 1 7162194


Mike JonesProf Mike Jones

WP1 Principal Investigator

Fellow Emeritus, School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin.

Research Interests: Environmental plant physiology, climate change impacts on the environment, energy crops, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, photosynthesis, anthropogenic impact on ecosystems.
Tel: +353 1 8961769


Charlie SpillaneProf Charlie Spillane

WP2 Principal Investigator

Professor of Plant Sciences, Botany and Plant Science, National University of Ireland Galway, Galway.

Research Interests: Epigenetics of parent-of-origin and dosage effects. Evolution, function and biotechnology of novel genes. Gene regulation via non-coding microRNAs. Plant reproduction and seed development. Genetics, epigenetics and biotechnology (plant, agricultural & biomedical). Science & technology policy.
Tel: +353 91 494148

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