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Trinity College Dublin

Introducing Trinity College Dublin's podcast channel

Trinity College Dublin is proud to announce the launch of its podcasting service. The aim of this first series of podcasts is to provide prospective students an opportunity to learn about the Trinity experience.

Listening to current students' firsthand experiences of TCD provides an invaluable and informative insight of life in Trinity College Dublin.

To download the podcasts you may select one of the direct links displayed on the right or alternatively subscribe to our podcast channel using an application such as iTunes. Instructions on how to subscribe to our podcasts using iTunes can be found below.

Please note that all podcasts are in MP3 format and may be played using most popular media players.

Download any of the above podcasts by selecting save as from the context menu of the link.

How to subscribe to the podcast channel

1. Download iTunes from the Apple website and then install it on your pc/mac. After successfully installing the program proceed to launch iTunes.

2. From the Advanced menu select the subscribe to podcast option. Enter the URL and select OK. The content will now be syndicated into iTunes automatically for you.

3. Select podcasts from iTunes in your left-hand window and listen to our podcasts to find out about student life in Trinity College Dublin. You can even download them to your music player to listen to on the go, enjoy!

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