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A Pali Manuscript

This elaborately lacquered and gilded manuscript comprises two wooden covers and nine leaves. The covers and leaves were originally tied together with string or by thin sticks of bamboo threaded through the hole in the left-hand side. Each strip holds six lines of Pali script, written in the square Burmese style using black magyi zi lacquer made from tamarind seed, between hatched borders. In this instance the leaves are made from plantain but Kammavaca leaves can also be made from palm leaf, ivory, copper and brass sheets, and sometimes from the old robes of a venerated monk.

Shelfmark: TCD MS 1642

Estelle Gittins

Estelle Gittins is an Archivist in the Department of Manuscripts & Archives with a focus on post-medieval historical collections. She works on public and academic engagement with the collections including outreach and exhibitions.