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Online Teaching

Each module has a page on Trinity’s online education platform, Blackboard, to which you are given access once you register for the course.

Each taught module includes 22 hours of live (synchronous) online lectures and/or seminars, plus some tutorials. (For Arabic language this is double, as the module extends over two terms). Both kinds of session will normally be taught in a group. Many of our lecturers record their webinars to help you/students review your/their notes later.

The 22 hours of lectures and seminars for each module are scheduled at regular time slots each week of the term, and delivered online. Students attend the synchronous element, where any queries can be raised and clarified, having already completed the asynchronous preparation for that session.

We recognise the that it is important for students and staff to stay in touch during the course of the year. So each member of staff has regular “office hours”, which students can attend to ask questions, discuss material and address any issues.

Please see here for a list of our staff.