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Johnston McMaster

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Dr Johnston McMaster was the Co-Ordinator of the Education for Reconciliation, 1997-2012 with the Irish School of Ecumenics.

Co-designer and Educator with Dr Cathy Higgins of the Ethical and Shared Remembering Programme: Remembering a Decade of Change and Violence in Ireland, 1912-1922, with the Junction, Derry from 1912-present.

Designer and educator of Public Theology at Drumalis, Larne, 2017-present.

Lecturer on Dynamics of Reconciliation Module at Irish School of Ecumenics, Belfast.

Lecturer on Ministry of Reconciliation Module at Church of Ireland Institute, Dublin.

Designer and educator on Community Education Programme Partition: What Did It Do For Us?

Designer and Educator on Community Education Programme Is There Life After Covid-19? : The Search For Meaning And Moral Values.

Designer and Lecturer on Public Theology Module Let Justice Well Up Like Water: Right Relations Rooted In Justice.

Adjunct Assistant Professor at Irish School of Ecumenics Trinity College Dublin.

Member of Council of State of the President of Ireland.

Select publications

A Passion For Justice : Social Ethics In The Celtic Tradition (Edinburgh : Dunedin Academic Press, 2008).

Doing Community Theology: Reflection on Education For Reconciliation (Dublin: Irish School of Ecumenics, 2012) Co-authored with Cathy Higgins.

On Fire With The Justice Of God: Re-Reading Romans as a Political Proclamation Towards A Desired Future in Forgiving and Remembering in Northern Ireland: Approaches To Conflict Resolution edited by Graham Spencer (London: Continuum, 2011).

Signing The Covenant: But Which One? (Derry: Yes Publications, 2012). Co-authored with Cathy Higgins.

Personalities Of The Decade: 1922-1922 (Derry: Yes Publications 2013).

A Word Between Us: Ethics In Interfaith Dialogue (London: Hizmet Studies, 2015).

Education, Education, Education: A Journey In Real Time in Mining Truths, Festschrift in Honour of Geraldine Smyth OP - Ecumenical Theologian and Peacebuilder, edited by John O'Grady, Cathy Higgins and Jude Lal Fernando (Germany, Editions of Sankt Ottilien, 2015).

Ethics And The Easter Rising: Remembering 1916 (Derry: The Junction 2015) Co-authored with Cathy Higgins.

War And Memory: 1914-1918 (Derry, The Junction, 2016) Co-authored with Cathy Higgins.

Reimagining The Future: Engaging the Themes 1918-1922 (Derry: The Junction, 2018).

Doing Public Theology: An Introduction (Derry: The Junction, 2018).

Challenging Times: A Journey In Faith (Derry: The Junction, 2019).

Doing G-O-D In Public: The Practice of Public Theology (Derry: The Junction, 2019).

Engaging Root Causes Of Past Violence In Ireland : Ethical Education For Liberation in the Routledge Companion To Peace And Conflict Studies edited by Sean Byrne, Thomas Matyok, Imani Michelle Scott and Jessica Senehi (Abingdon: Routledge, 2020) Co-authored with Cathy Higgins.

Partition: What Did It Do For Us? (Derry: The Junction, 2020).

Is There Life After Covid-19? The Search For Meaning And Moral Values (Derry: The Junction, 2020).

Let Justice Well Up Like Water: Right Relations Rooted In Justice (Derry: The Junction, forthcoming 2021).