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ISE Trust Conference

Friends of ISE Trust

Over the last fifty years the ISE has been involved in many diverse programmes both academically and in the community. We celebrate fifty years of research into building peace, reconciliation and understanding. The Good Friday/Belfast Agreement brought adiminution to the open hostility which ravaged this island for nearly thirty years. It has brought a measure of peace but the deep-seated and seemingly intractable problems of rich and poor, orange and green, north and south, east and west, remain and continue to threaten this fragile situation.

This academic and community research informs practice at local, national and international levels. Our goal is to work towards a true and lasting peace based on good practice and the equality of all people who share this island.

The ISE Trust is seeking to expand its support base and to provide some financial security. We invite anyone who is interested in our work to become a ‘Friend of the ISE Trust’. Please email us at: with your name and email address.

Conference, 25 September 2021

The ISE Trust conference on Eco-Justice took place online from 10.00am - 16.00pm on Saturday 25 September. The contributors at the conference were Dr John Feehan, MRIA, academic and conservationist, Lorna Gold, advocate and theologian, and Jonny Hanson, practising farmer.

Download conference schedule.

Conference Recordings

John Feehan

Lorna Gould

John Parkin

Johnny Hanson