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ISE at 50 Conference

A Celebration of 50 Years of the Irish School of Ecumenics, Floreat ut Pereat

2022 ISE Conference on Peace and Reconciliation in a Shared Island and Beyond

This conference is to celebrate the Irish School of Ecumenics at 50, with a specific focus on Peace and Reconciliation, at a time of change. ISE was founded in 1970, by Fr Michael Hurley SJ, who challenged many of the prevailing theological and political assumptions of that time on the island of Ireland. Fr Hurley’s vision was of a place where people from all backgrounds could explore the challenges and possibilities of peace and reconciliation together.

The original Greek word, Oikumene from which the term ‘ecumenism’ is derived, means “the whole inhabited earth”, and the vision of the world ecumenical movement includes “serving human need, breaking down barriers between people, promoting one human family in justice and peace, and upholding the integrity of creation” (WCC Constitution). In this sense, ISE defines ‘ecumenics’ as a multi-disciplinary field of study concerned with inter-religious, inter-cultural dialogue, and international peace and reconciliation.

As the motto of ISE, Floreat ut Pereat (May it flourish in order to perish) implies, the ecumenical vision of ISE has been making itself redundant. However, the current challenges in the whole inhabited island of Ireland and planet Earth, at a time of global pandemic, economic disparities, various types of discrimination, recurring international conflicts, militarism, and climate change, call us to rekindle the ISE vision to bring people from all backgrounds together, to explore the challenges and possibilities of peace and reconciliation.

This ISE at 50 Conference invites academics, and practitioners, who are working in the wider field of peace and reconciliation, to join us for an in-depth dialogue, to address following themes:

  • Ecumenical Movement and Reconciliation

  • A Shared Island

  • International Peace

  • Intercultural and interreligious Dialogue

  • Climate Justice

  • Gender Justice

  • Economic Justice

  • Education and Reconciliation

  • Global Pandemic and Reconciliation

The date for the conference and the call for papers will be announced at further notice.