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Trinity Research and Innovation (TR&I) is a professional support group, which champions Trinity's academic and research community and enables research "from concept to impact."

Our team combines all support resources which are offered to the research community: the Contracts Office, the Research Development Office, Industry Engagement, Technology Transfer, Consultancy, and Campus Company formation. We explore and initiate funding opportunities to support Trinity academics’ world-class research, and facilitate the translation of new knowledge and scholarship. We enhance opportunities for investigator-led research and discovery-driven collaborations. We liaise with external stakeholders to make it easier for Trinity academics to engage in research commercialisation and technology transfer, to create partnerships with Industry, and to effect societal change through consultancy.


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Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin has a proud tradition of performing world class research and translating this research excellence into solutions with global economic and social impact.
Leonard Hobbs, Director Trinity Research & Innovation
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Research Excellence in Trinity

Trinity has a tradition of innovation. This video highlights the historic and ongoing research excellence at Trinity.