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Climate justice through restorative development

– primary supervisor Professor Murphy (Geography), co-supervisor Professor Denny (Economics). To explore the opportunities and barriers to community participation, social recognition, and fair distribution of the social, economic and ecological costs and co-benefits of offsetting through afforestation in Ireland PhD Student: Paddy Gaynor

Blending nature-based & technology solutions

– primary supervisor Professor McCormack (Engineering), co-supervisor Professor Stout (Botany). To examine optimisation of a blended approach, addressing the compatibility of nature-based solutions (long-term forestry) and technological solutions (e.g. solar farms) at different spatial and temporal scales in order to determine options for optimum climate action for Ireland. PhD Student: Roisin Gowen

Quantitative analysis/integration of metrics

– primary supervisor Professor Brophy (Statistics), co-supervisor Professor Stout (Botany). To develop a statistical approach to exploring impacts of native afforestation, including a meta-analysis of ecological data (e.g. role of forests for pollinators in Ireland), integration of different metrics for value (monetary vs quantitative vs qualitative metrics) and methods for scaling individual actions to societal level. This project will also collaborate with the other four FOREST PhD students to develop a multivariate statistical analysis to jointly assess outcomes across the FOREST project. PhD Student: Tasbiul Nibir

Perspectives on value and financial incentives

– primary supervisor Professor O’Hagan-Luff (Business), co-supervisor Professor Denny (Economics). To explore behavioural and financial incentives for increased forestry (restoration, afforestation, rewilding, offsetting) in Ireland. PhD Student: Zhula Laqiqige

Ecological value of new forests

– primary supervisor Professor Jane Stout (Botany), co-supervisor Professor Fraser Mitchell (Botany). To determine the ecology and ecosystem services provided by newly planted forests, across a range of sites of different sizes, ages, and tree composition. PhD Student: Kate Harrington