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Peer support

Stressed Out?

College is stressful. No doubt. Keeping up with college work alone is a lot of work. Outside college there are a thousand other things like jobs, keeping in shape, friends, family, relationships, and everything else in life that we deal with. At times, all this responsibility can become too difficult to juggle and we become stressed out. It happens to all of us. There is no magic solution, but there are many ways to reduce its detrimental effects on our health. For some, going for a run is a strategy. For others, maybe hanging out with a friend is the best cure. Often, talking to someone about what is bothering can be very helpful. That is what the Trinity Peer Support Network (PSN) is here for.

The PSN is a student run support network for any students in Trinity having problems inside or outside college. All of the Peer Supporters are Trinity students themselves trained to listen and help with any issues a student may have. We also run free courses on listening and helping skills in conjunction with the Trinity Student Counselling Service. You can contact the PSN by phone or email to set up a time to meet with a Peer Supporter to discuss whatever is on your mind.
College is stressful but no one should feel they have to deal with it by themselves. Although we may feel isolated sometimes, we do not have to feel alone. The Peer Support Network can help.
College may 'di-stress' us, but the PSN is here to 'de-stress' us.

To learn more about the PSN log on to our website: