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Hello Sunday Morning

Focus on all the great things you can do with your Sunday mornings when you're not hungover! Hello Sunday Morning






Get personalied feedback on your drinking as well as information on resources to help you in Trinity. Used in other Irish colleges and America to help students keep track of their alcohol use.

Drinking Sensibily

Recent studies indicate that between 90% and 95% of Irish students drink. It has become part of our culture and it is perceived by many to increase sociality, relaxation and enjoyment.

Drinking sensibly means not too much, not too often and not too fast.

Recommended limits of alcohol are 14 units per week for females and 21 units per week for males. This is the equivalent of 7 pints a week or 14 glasses of wine for females and 11 pints or 20 glasses of wine for males.

Binge drinking, which is particularly common in Irish society, is defined as more than 3 pints or a bottle of wine on one occasion.

  • Don't let yourself be pressurised into drinking more than you intend;
  • A good social life does not need to revolve around alcohol, - get involved in sport and societies;
  • Slow down, what's the rush? Space out your alcoholic drinks with a glass of water or soft drink;
  • Have something to eat before or with your drink;
  • Avoid drinking games, they lead to excess.

Excess alcohol leads to lack of judgement and increases risk taking. Studies such as the 'Clan Survey' of eighteen Irish Colleges, show that excess drinking increases the risk of accidents, physical injury and increased sexual risk taking.

Alcohol can be enjoyable and make you feel confident but it can also wreck your judgement.