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Mumps Outbreak

A message from College Health

Dear Students and Staff,

There have been a number of cases of Mumps in the Dublin area recently and we have had some cases of Mumps here in College over the past week or so.

I would encourage all of our College Community to check that they have had two MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) Vaccines and to make an appointment for vaccination either at College Health or with their own GP if they are not protected. I would recommend that all students check their childhood vaccination history with their family GP.

Please see the attached letter from the HSE Department of Public Health regarding Mumps and its diagnosis and management.

In particular, please note that Mumps usually causes facial pain, fever, headache and swelling in front of the ears.

For most people it is a minor, self-limiting Illness, but it can have severe complications for some, including Meningitis, Encephalitis (Brain Inflammation), Deafness and Inflammation of the Testicles, so it needs to be taken seriously.

Please see your Doctor if you have symptoms as described, as, taking a History and having a simple Clinical Examination is usually adequate to make the diagnosis and a simple test can be used to confirm the condition.

To prevent the spread of Mumps, you must stay away from College for 5 days after the swelling develops.

Dr David McGrath
College Health Service
Trinity College

Letter from the Health Service Executive

Please find details of the outbreak from the HSE here.

Advice on Mumps

The HSE website is a useful source of information on signs, symptoms and treatment of mumps.