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God on Tap

Join the conversation ... grab a drink, enjoy the free food, and be pushed in conversation by special guests. God - faith - life - stress - money - obsession - love - career - meaning - purpose ... it's all covered in the year!

Women & Men chatting

Tuesday 15th November. 7pm. Pavillion Bar

"Capitalism has failed. But it's Christmas. Is there an alternative?"

Join the conversation - with special very special guest Chris Gordon from Social Enterprise Ireland. Are there ways in which a consumer based capitalism can work? Can the economic systems that hold us captive, actually create any sense of equity and fairness? Is there another imagination for business? And what does that mean for Christmas!!!!

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Monday 24th October. 7pm. Pavillion Bar

"Why people of faith will vote for Donald Trump"

Join the conversation - with special guest Blake Edgom (from USA) - on the highly divisive issue of the upcoming Election in USA. It is possible to have a conversation on faith, Trump, politics, and maintain civlity?!?

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Monday 10th October. 6.30pm. Pavillion Bar

"Making your college year count - while not being a dork"

Join the conversation - with special guest Shelley Sission (from USA) - on how to inspire a healthy and whole year. How do we keep well intellectually, emotionally and spiritually as the year moves ahead?

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