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Rev Dr Julian Hamilton

Methodist Chaplaincy

Hi there - welcome to student life in Dublin!

My name is Julian Hamilton and I have the pleasure and privilege of being the chaplain for both the Methodist Church in Ireland, here in TCD.

To date I have spent my years in ministry working primarily with teenagers & young adults - something which keeps life from ever getting boring! A native of Belfast, I also spent all the fun years in Bangor (the teenage ones), and as such love Dublin for the chance to breath the sea-air and walk along the shores of the bay - it reminds me of the fresh Bangor breeze and all that goes with it!

I am involved in the ecumenical services in Trinity, and also help lead 'Breathe' the Methodist Church experiment in the inner city South Dublin (Aungier Street, YMCA). You will be very welcome if you are looking for somewhere to worship / experience / learn / grow & develop faith - we meet regularly every week, with different 'very small groups' meeting at a time that suits them. All the 'very small Breathe' groups also meet monthly at 'Sacred in the City,'... come and chat to find out more!

House 27 may be a beautiful old stone building, but it's very warm inside. And you are assured of a warm welcome from myself and the other chaplains - we are here for you; and anything we can do to help you while you study at Trinity just ask.

I am also one of the Asistant Wardens in Trinity Hall, Dartry ... a wonderful mix of pleasure and pain! It is actually fantastic to literally live in the middle of over 1000 students - if you live in Trinity Hall, make sure you let me know.

Please keep an eye on the notice board (and check back on this website) for daily updates about special events, special services and other activities which are organised from here… see you on Tuesdays for the free lunch!


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Please check notice boards for announcements. The chaplain is happy to give information about local congregations.

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