b"Laidlaw Scholars 2018 Laidlaw ScholarProgrammeResearch Project TitleSupervisor Andrew ClearyTheoretical PhysicsLeaking Exoplanets: Understanding how Stars affect Atmospheric Escape in ExoplanetsProfessor Aline Vidotto Chee ChengPharmacyImpact of the antioxidant vitamin ergothioneine on the development of idiopathic pulmonaryDr Carsten Ehrhardt Koayfibrosis Colin WilburnScienceWaste Heat Harvesting Using Thermally Charged CapacitorsProfessor David McCloskey Conor FitzmauriceMedicineAdvances in Nanotherapy in DermatologyProfessor Alan Irvine Deirdre PowerEnglish StudiesIreland's Empowered Girls: The Pollard Collection of Children's Books and its ContemporaryDr Jane Carroll Counterparts Elle LoughranScienceThe impact of codon usage on gene expression variation in human copy number variants andProfessor Aoife McLysaght trisomies Kate JohnstonMedicineComparison of patient experiences of chronic arthropathy in severe haemophilia before and after the switch over to extended half-life factor VIII and factor IX concentrates Luke FehilyNanoscienceAtom-by-atom structural characterization of nano-materials using aberration-correctedProfessor Valeria Nicolosi electron microscopy ScienceInvestigating the potential of resveratrol synthase inhibition in management of JapaneseDr Joanna McGouran knotweed Philip SmythMedicineCharacteristics of patients presenting with traumatic brain injuries to an urban universityDr Geraldine McMahon department of emergency medicine Robert ClampettScienceHelium Ion Beam Defects in the Creation of Silicon WaveguidesProfessor David McCloskey/ Professor Hongzhou Zhang/Professor James Lunney Robert PowerMedicineExamining the characteristics and germline mutations of upper gastrointestinal cancers in theProfessor Maeve Lowery Irish population Samuel BatemanTheoretical PhysicsHelium-Ion microscopy of tumour cell-platelet interactionsProfessor Hongzhou Zhang/Professor Maria Santos- Martinez Sarah HonanLawJustice After Destruction? Legal Avenues and Obstacles for Prosecution of the Yazidi GenocideProfessor Rosemary Byrne Sen McMahonEngineeringThe synthesis of electromechanical strain sensors based on graphene/polymer nano-Professor Jonathan Coleman composites: Measuring the cyclical defection of bike frames for performanceanalysisPhilosophyThe value of outcomes: the intersection of Population and Animal EthicsDr Kenneth Pearce/Prof Roger McPartlinCrisp (University of Oxford)Stefan NixonTheoretical PhysicsLuminous Supernovae across the UniverseProfessor Jose Groh Susan Yi YangMedicineParasites and pigs: Inflammatory and permeabilisation markers in blood brain barrier disruption Professor Celia Holland and neovascularisation in a porcine model of neurocysticercosis"