b"Laidlaw Scholars 2019 Laidlaw ScholarProgrammeResearch Project TitleSupervisor BidemiAfolabiPharmacy An Assessment of the Efficacious Role of cannabinoids in an in vitro Cell-Based Model of CachexiaDr Richard Porter The impact of being a second generation immigrant and having a different cultural background to theDr David Ralph and Dr AlexandraBodorBESSCharlotte Wilson DamienDohertyMedicineThe effect of a maternal ketogenic diet on foetal brain developmentDr Denis Barry JackDohertyTSM Mathematics and MusicMathematics for the Ears: An Explanation of the Hidden Mathematical Structures in Post-Tonal MusicDr Sergey Mozgovoy DeirdreDonohuePsychology relationships, and long-term psychological wellbeingDr Lorraine Swords LileDonohuePPESImproving Ireland's Recycling System: A Comparative Analysis of Welsh and Irish Waste ManagementDr Anna Davies A multi-model approach to the action of the Bcr-Abl kinase and imatinib resistance in Chronic Myeloid KateDugganHuman Genetics Leukaemia (CML)Dr Adrian BrackenNanoscience Physics and Chemistry of Adv. CiaraFinanMaterials Observing Carbon Dioxide Reduction at Single EnzymesDr Kim McKelvey Nanoscience Physics and Chemistry of Adv.Polydopamine-functionalised electrodes: fabricating tailored materials for cathodic processes with FilipGrajkowskiMaterialsapplications for a sustainable energy economyDr Paula ColavitaCan the Cingulum get you down? A study into the cingulum bundle's more outr deviations and their AlannahGrealyMedicineinvolvement in depressionDr Veronica O'Keane An investigation into the material properties of various polymers for the purposes of filling tram tracks for DanielHallMechanical and Manufacturing Engineeringcyclist Dr Ciaran Simms From ISDS to MIC: The Underlying Factors Behind the EU Establishing a New Model for Investor-State ZaharHrynivBESSRelationsDr William Phelan Applying mathematical insights on transient dynamics to ecology, what can we learn about how plant AoifeKearinsMathematicspopulations respond to disturbance in a changing world?Dr Kirk Soodhalter McGradyDoes intense physical exercise (e.g. gymnastics) have a notable effect on the genetic potential for the onset EllenHoganScienceof puberty in pre-adolescent children? If so, how does this differ between males and females?Dr Louise Gallagher ClaireMcNamaraComputer Science An interaction tool for clinical researchers to analyse Linked (RDF) Data Nanoscience Physics and Chemistry of Adv. AmyMonahanMaterialsUsing Microcantilevers with Bio-Functionalised Surfaces for Malaria Vaccine DiagnosisDr Martin Hegner An investigation of the efferent pathways of the amygdala in Major Depressive Disorder using high AnuragNasaMedicineresolution, multimodal MRI Dr Rachel Kavanagh JeanO'BrienTheoretical PhysicsMicroplastics and Nanoplastics in the Environment: Investigating Microplastics Down to the Nanoscaleand Dr Lewys Jones An investigation into the application of Frankfurt-cases as an alternative approach to the problem of freedom CamillaPerselloPhilosophyof time-travelling agentsDr Alison Fernandes GrinneSextonTSM English Literature and HistoryDr Philip Coleman The Constitution as a Tool of Oppression: A Comparative Analysis of Constitutional Impacts on Property JackSynnottLaw and Political ScienceRights and Social JusticeDr David Kenny RoisinWintersScience Exploring the benefits of exercise for the brain: the role of inflammationDr ine Kelly"