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Professor Mark Little

Professor of Nephrology and Researcher, Trinity Translational Medicine Institute

  • Research Institute:
    • Trinity Translational Medicine Institute

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  • Thematic Area:
    • Translational Immunology Studies

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Research Profile:

Research interests include investigating ANCA vasculitis pathogenesis, biomarker development and application of data science techniques to study autoimmunity and its interaction with covid-19. He leads the HELICAL and FAIRVASC EU consortia, is co-founder and coordinator of ERN-RITA, rare immune disorders European Reference Network, lead of the European Vasculitis Society Registry initiative, chair of Vasculitis Ireland Network and co-founder/co-chair of UKIVAS, (vasculitis society of UK and Ireland).

COVID-19 Project:

We wish to investigate the phenotype and function of specific neutrophil populations at different time points in the evolution of COVID-19 disease, and to explore the interaction between these cells and innate T-cell populations. We will focus primarily on patients with systemic autoimmune disease in receipt of immunomodulating therapies (before acquiring COVID-19) in order to define the impact of these therapies on the disease course and evolving immunophenotype.