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Associate Professor David Finlay

Associate Professor in Immunometabolism, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute

  • Research Institute:
    • Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute

  • Contact e-mail:
  • Contact number:
  • Thematic Area:
    • Translational Immunology Studies

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Research Profile:

David Finlay’s research group works towards revealing the importance of cellular metabolism in immune responses. Their research shows that the cellular fuels and metabolites that immune cells are exposed to have an impact on their function. The group are revealing novel strategies to modulate immune cell function through targeting cellular metabolism.

COVID-19 Project:

Nutrients and metabolites including lipids and oxidised cholesterol species can have a significant impact upon the function of immune subsets with important anti-viral functions including Natural Killer cells and CD8 cytotoxic T cells. This project will investigate the levels of such metabolites and whether they are associated with worse outcomes during SARS-CoV2 infection.