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Professor Clair M. Gardiner

Professor in Immunology, Trinity College Dublin

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Research Profile:

Prof Clair Gardiner has a research interest in human Immunology, in particular Natural Killer (NK) cells. She has extensive experience and interest in human infectious diseases including HCV and HIV-1, and the contribution of the innate immune response to disease outcome.

COVID-19 Project description: Immune genes, protective immunity and improved vaccine design

This work aims to identify the contribution of natural immune diversity in shaping disease outcome during Covid-19. Genetic analysis of HLA class I, HLA class II will identify how our ability to present antigen influences disease progression and will be key to informing Covid vaccine approaches. Work on NK cell associated KIR genes (and HLA class I) seeks to identify immune interactions that may protect or be detrimental to viral eradiation. These approaches have previously been successful in terms of HCV infections in terms of understanding diverse patient responses. Finally, type 3 IFNs will be investigated and both genetic and cell levels as potential prognostic indicators during infection.

This project is a collaboration between Trinity College, St. James’s Hospital and the Irish Blood Transfusion Services.