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Trinity College Dublin

Ireland, America and the Worlds of Mathew Carey
17-19 November 2011

Trinity Long Room Hub

This conference is the second-leg of a transatlantic conference on the subject of Mathew Carey (1760-1839), one of the most influential Irish-Americans of his day. The Dublin conference is being organised by academics from the Centre for Irish-Scottish and Comparative Studies, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, and the University of Aberdeen, and coordinated through the Trinity Long Room Hub in association with the National Library of Ireland. The first event, hosted by the McNeil Centre for Early American Studies, the Library Company of Philadelphia and the Program for Early American Economy and Society, will take place in Philadelphia from 27-29 October 2011. For further details on the Philadelphia programme see website

Carey (1760-1839) made his mark in both his native Ireland and in Philadelphia as a printer and editor of influential periodicals. By the mid-1790s he had transformed himself from printer to publisher and from artisan to manufacturer, becoming the most important American book publisher of the early national period. Carey’s identity as a Catholic Irish-American and a political exile from Ireland place him within the wide Irish émigré community in the Atlantic World. His writings on Irish events and history contribute to memories and reflections of 1798 and its consequences. As an economist and political advocate, Carey’s life and writings also address issues concerning American union, federalism and the extent of national power and religious toleration and Catholicism in the Anglophone world.

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Additional Information: A conference dinner will be held at Bang Restaurant, Merrion Row on Friday 18th November at 6.30pm. Cost per person is 30e and can be paid at the Registration Desk on the day. Please indicate when registering whether you would like to attend the dinner


III The World Of Print
III.i       British and Atlantic Contexts for the history of Irish
           publishing and Irish journalism 1750-1920
            Professor David Dickson
            Dr Aileen Douglas
            Dr Eve Patten
            Dr Charles Benson
            Dr Johanna Archbold
            Dr Christopher Shepard
III.ii      1798: Writings, Reflections, Images, Impressions
            Dr Sylvie Kleinman

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