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Trinity College Dublin

Irish Military Migration to France
Director: Professor Louis Cullen
Researcher: Dr Colm O Conaill
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Hiffman drawings of 1786 "Illegible" means just that. When there is a zero value for a month (or other part of a date), then the month was not written or was illegible.

When no details are given for a soldier, nationality is determined by name. If the name of the soldier appears to be other than Irish, English, or Scottish, the soldier is classified as unspecified. This is recorded in the inspection summary tables, but not in the actual database. If a soldier's name appears to be of Irish, English or Scottish origin, the soldier is entered on the database. The word "unspecified" appears in the country of origin field, and "Irish?" appears in the province field.

Those described as "sons of Irishmen" (Scots or Englishmen), or Enfant du Régiment are included in the database. Their origin is noted in the country of origin field. They, like the Irish, Scots, Welsh, and English will receive a unique number.

The treatment is the same for those "né au régiment." In country of origin field, I put Enfant du Régiment , followed by their actual place of birth (when available) in the succeeding fields. Enfants du Régiment are only noted when the soldier's name indicates that they are of Irish, Scottish, or English origin.

Those marked as "of Irish/English/Scottish extraction" are placed in the same category as sons of Irish, English or Scots. A note in the comment box indicates they are marked as "of...extraction" in the registers.

For tâché de rousseurs , I insert "face marked red (rousseur)." This may indicate a rash or smallpox, but it does not explicitly mention smallpox.

When "De la C. de X" is the only information provided, then details of the soldier must be sought in the company he transferred from. For example if we know that soldier d of X company came from Z company, we must look in Z company to find details on this soldier.

For Invalides or passé aux Invalides as a reason for departure, insert Invalides.

For the new recruits inserted on loose pages, insert "new recruit" in the comments field.

When no rank is attributed to a soldier the word "none" is entered in the rank field.

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