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Trinity College Dublin

Irish Military Migration to France
Director: Professor Louis Cullen
Researcher: Dr Colm O Conaill
Introduction • Database Details • Further Database Information
Notes On Reading DatabasePublicationsThe Irish In Europe Project (NUIM)

Hiffman drawings of 1786Fields In The Database
1. I.D. (autonumber)
2. Unique code (number)
3. Surname (text)
4. First name (text)
5. Regiment (text)
6. Company (text)
7. Year of enrolment (number)
8. Month of enrolment (number)
9. Day of enrolment (number)
10. Original year of enrolment if different (number)
11. Original month of enrolment if different (number)
12. Original day of enrolment if different (number)
13. Country of origin (text)
14. Province of origin (text)
15. County of origin (text)
16. Townland/parish of origin (text)
17. Age (number)
18. Height (text)
19. Hair (text)
20. Eyes (text)
21. Physical features (remarkable) (text)
22. Year of leaving (number)
23. Month of leaving (number)
24. Day of leaving (number)
25. Reason for leaving (text)
26. Rank (text)
27. Year of Inspection (number)
28. Comments (text)
29. In company at date of inspection (y/n)

Descriptions Used In The Fields: Physical Features

Hair Black/Dark Brown
Chestnut Red
Fair/Blond Grey
White Grey/Black
Grey/Brown Grey/Chestnut
Grey/Red Grey/Fair or Ash-Blond
Brown-Chestnut Bald
White/Grey Fair
Dull Ash
No description attributed (entered as a "0")
Eyes Blue Grey
Green Brown
Dark (louche) Dull

No description attributed (entered as a "0")

Other Marked by Smallpox (Smallpox) Nègre (Black)
Ruddy complexion/face

Big/long/aquiline nose

Small nose Tanned
Gaunt Wears a Wig
Lean/Thin Features Large Face
Pale Round/Oval Face
Small Face Short Nose

No distinguishing features attributed

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