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Trinity Walton Club

A STEM club that provides space, time and stimulus for curious minds to flourish

Trinity Walton Club is a teaching and learning innovation that places the learner and their interests at its core. At the Club the sessions are facilitated by STEM role models, and the learning environments promote advanced competency and attitudinal development, across

  • Problem solving – through engaging in real world challenges
  • Critical thinking – forming well-reasoned judgements
  • Collaboration – team-work ethos
  • Communication – through discussions, showcases, pitches and presentations
  • Autonomy – putting the learner in the driving seat
  • Self-efficacy – developing belief in their ability
  • Identity - what they know, what experiences they've had, who they know and how they think

Time spent building capacity across these afore mentioned skills and attributes will serve to support the whole learner, as they navigate their academic and professional careers.

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To create an engaged and dynamic STEM literate society.


To deliver an excellent STEM educational experience that creates passionate, forward-thinking, innovative and creative problem solvers.


  • Connecting STEM and the World
  • Interdisciplinarity and Collaboration
  • Diversity and Access
  • Empowerment and Innovation

“With academic excellence comes responsibility. We are keen to assist secondary school students in developing their abilities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The pursuit of STEM and innovation is hugely exciting and satisfying, and although there is a lot to be learned before one can independently embark on the road of discovery, we are here to help you get ready for this exciting journey of a lifetime. Let’s get started.”

Prof. Igor Shvets, Head of the School of Physics TCD and Co-founder of Trinity Walton Club


Trinity Walton Club is a not-for-profit STEM Education programme that is subsidised by Trinity College Dublin and supporters.

All club fees cover the direct costs associated with running this initiative.


Trinity Walton Club offers a limited number of scholarships to students from socio-economic backgrounds that are currently under-represented at university, such as students from DEIS and TAP (Trinity’s Access Programme) affiliated schools.

Students from DEIS schools and TAP are invited to apply for a scholarship by completing the application form on our apply page and checking the DEIS or TAP box contained within the form.

For more information or to enquire about eligibility, please contact us.