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Trinity Walton Club

A STEM club that sparks curiosity, fuels exploration and ignites innovation!

Science, technology, engineering and maths impact every aspect of your life, from the smartphone in your pocket to the energy grid that carries electricity to your home. At Trinity Walton Club we explore STEM in greater depth, investigate its real world problem solving ability and applicability, and challenge learners to innovate with STEM.

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Club Experience

At the Club, members or Alphas journey through a 30 week STEM educational programme that is designed to:

  • Enrich their understanding of STEM
  • Enhance core skills like problem solving, critical thinking and creativity
  • Grow their self-confidence in relation to STEM ability
  • Further develop their STEM identity in society
  • Cultivate personal skills like communication and teamwork

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Camp Experience

The camps are another opportunity for secondary school students to experience the Trinity Walton Club. On these camps, students will:

  • Meet and work alongside STEM experts
  • Build friendships with like-minded students
  • Partake in challenging activities
  • Experience many ‘ah ha’ moments
  • Have lots of fun!
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Becoming an alpha has hugely boosted her confidence in school.

This group of like minds and the stimulating STEM activities gives them the opportunity to stretch themselves further against others.

I have made so many new friends and I feel my confidence and enjoyment of all the STEM subjects has increased immensely.

Trinity Walton club matched and exceeded my expectations. My daughter has excelled both educationally and maturity wise. I am really happy for her to continue with the Walton club!

The educators are great and brilliant at explaining things, not to mention they know how to make the classes interesting.

It surpassed my expectations . It made me look at all the subjects in a different light and realise that the four subject all tie in together.
Alpha Camper

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Group photo of Trinity Walton Club 2015

Trinity Walton Club was named after Ireland's first Nobel laureate for Science, Ernest Walton (6 October 1903 - 25 June 1995), who was awarded the 1951 Nobel Prize in Physics, with John Cockcroft for ‘splitting the atom'.