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Law, Health Science and General Science

Law Students 

At present, the only Non-EU College-Wide exchanges open to undergraduate Law students are the ones with Australian National University (ANU), University of Queensland and the National University of Singapore (NUS). This is because many of our College-Wide partner universities are unable to admit undergraduate exchange students into their Law Schools and also because there are not sufficient Law modules available to exchange students at some partner universities. There are other non-EU exchanges run by the Law School and students are encouraged to contact the Law School for information about them. Law students should discuss their options with the Law School here at Trinity before making an application.

Australian National University
Suitable for single honour Law students. Joint honour Law students should not apply for this exchange.

University of Queensland
Suitable for both single honour and joint honour Law students.

National University of Singapore 
Suitable for single honour Law students and joint honour Law and Political Science students. Other joint honour Law students should not apply for this exchange. 

Health Science Students

Non-EU College-Wide Exchanges are not usually suited to Health Science students but in some cases they may be an option. Health Science students who would like to enquire about this should start by taking advice from their department to find out whether or not it would be permitted.

The only college-wide partner universities which are open to receiving Health Science exchange students are Australian National University (ANU), the University of Melbourne and (possibly) Boston College for Nursing and before considering an exchange at one of these universities, Health Science students should check with their department. 

Undergraduate exchange students can study all courses in the Health and Medical Studies area except for Medicine, please refer to link: 

The University of Melbourne
Medicine has restrictions however it is possible for exchange students to take subjects from the Health Science Departments: Anatomy (ANAT), Biology (BIOL), Biotechnology (BTCH), Cell & Developmental Biology (CEDB), Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BCMB), Genetics (GENE), Microbiology & Immunology (MIIM), Neuroscience (NEUR), Pathology (PATH), Pharmacology (PHRM), Physiology (PHYS).

University of Queensland
As of 2014/15, it is possible for exchange students to do some Pharmacy courses. Please see attached flyer.

Boston College
It may be possible for Boston College to accept Nursing students as long as the students can be flexible about the modules they would take there. However, it is necessary to check on a case by case basis.  Boston College Office of International Programs would need to get an idea of the subjects the student would want to take and check with the Nursing School at Boston College.  Boston College does not offer anything else in the way of Health Sciences.

While a non-EU college-wide exchange won't be feasible for many Health Science students, Erasmus exchanges may be a more suitable option to explore (see the Erasmus section ).

General Science Students (TR071)

  • Difficulties for students doing College-wide exchanges
    Timing:   You find out your Science specialisation very late in the   summer after second year. Hard to plan your exchange.
    Coordinator:   There is no one departmental coordinator responsible, it depends on your 3rd year specialisation.

  • College-wide exchanges possible for General Science studnets but may not be best option, especially University of California. Please speak to us in International Admissions and Study Abroad before applying.

  • Consider TASSEP exchanges
    - FEMS-wide  - Canadian and U.S. universities
    - Places limited (10 per year approx.)  - Contact Prof Iouri Gounko Chemistry Department
    - Info session in December