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Outbound From Trinity

As a Trinity College Dublin student, you have many opportunities to go abroad as part of your College degree programme. This section will give you information about options for studying at another university during your degree; that might be in Europe through the Erasmus exchange programme or in a non-European country on one of our College-wide exchanges.* The best advice for anyone interested in studying abroad is this: Plan ahead! The earlier you start to think about your options, but more options you will have.

Spending time in another country can enhance your education in countless ways. You will grow personally, socially and academically, as you challenge yourself to move outside of what is familiar. In our global economy, employers value international experience. And as a global citizen, the value of experiencing other cultures first-hand cannot be understated. We encourage you to talk with your Department, as well as our office, to discuss how to best make an international study experience work for your degree programme.

*Unfortunately Non-EU College-wide exchanges are not usually suited to Health Science students.

Please note that this section is relevant only to current Trinity students.

For more information on student exchanges:
· Erasmus exchanges, please contact
· College-wide exchanges to non-EU destinations, please contact

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