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How do I submit a proposal for external research funding?

The Research Development Office assists researchers who are submitting proposals for external research funding.

How do I get a contract signed?

The Contracts Section is responsible for the review and execution of all research-related funding contracts awarded by external funding agencies and companies. Upon notification of research funding, please contact us immediately and you will be advised of the necessary procedures.

Does my research have commercial potential?

The Technology Transfer Office will help with assessing if your idea has commercial potential. We can also provide support for patenting, licensing and spinning out a campus company.

How can I become an entrepreneur?

The Entrepreneurship Section has a wide range of activities to support new ventures spinning off from research and teaching in TCD, including a comprehensive entrepreneurship training programme.

How does Industry engage with Trinity?

The Technology Transfer team advise and co-ordinate all interactions with business and industry, and matchmake small/large companies with Trinity's researchers in applied research activities.

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March 2014: Trinity Partnering with Industry Brochure

Trinity Research Brochure 2013-2014

Annual Showcase of Technology for Commercial Use October 3rd 2013 Science Gallery. Download details of the 36 Techs that were on show here.

July 2013 eZine from TTO

View April 2013 eZine from the TTO.

Research Proposal and Awards Management SolutionThe TCD Research Proposal and Awards Management Solution (RPAMS) opened on 01 October 2012. It provides an end-to-end service process for TCD grant applications / contracts / research account set-up. RPAMS presentation (pdf 1.13MB)

December 2012 eZine

New Lecturers Presentation 22nd October 2012 (ppt 7.89MB)

September 2012 eZine

Trinity showcase 2012October 2012 Showcase

June 2012 eZine

March 2012 eZine

December 2011 eZine

September 2011 eZine

June 2011 eZine


Previous Innovation and Technologies Showcase - TCD researchers demonstrated a range of innovative ideas, technologies, products and processes in the Science Gallery at TCD in October 2011.

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