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The MPhil in Comparative Literature was launched in 2006/07.

Culture and creativity, by their nature, tend to work across national and linguistic boundaries. This new, broad-ranging Master's degree is offered by the university with the world's oldest tradition of Modern Language studies, dating back to 1776.

Trinity's language and literature departments cover an unusually wide range, and contain a wealth of specialist expertise. Drawing on our combined resources, the new MPhil is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of Comparative Literature, both as a subject of study and as a critical practice.

Core modules provide the theoretical and methodological basis for comparing texts of various genres and artefacts of different media at an advanced level. Optional modules enable the further development of these competencies and offer opportunities to develop and apply this knowledge and these skills to a range of primary texts from a wide range of languages, cultures, epochs and other contexts.

The course is administered through the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies. The current course director is Dr Peter Arnds. This website contains details of our core modules, some of the options available, some of the people contributing to the MPhil, answers to students' questions, and a few reasons why Dublin is a particularly good place to undertake studies in Comparative Literature.