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Trinity Immigration Initiative Migrant Careers and Aspirations Past Events

Symposium, 5 June, 2009

Trinity Immigration Initiative/ERC Research Symposium:

Migration and the Irish Workplace

The vast majority of people who have migrated to Ireland in recent years have done so in search for work. According to the most recent Central Statistics Office figures, one in six workers in the Irish labour force is now of foreign nationality. To what extent has this inward migration transformed the Irish workplace? This Symposium brought together academics and researchers from various disciplines (sociology, economics, employment law and industrial
relations) to discuss the impact of immigration on work and employment in Ireland. Papers addressed the following topics:

• Migrant experiences and aspirations

• Integration at work

• The economic impact of labour migration

• High-skilled migration and skills shortages

• Labour standards and a new compliance regime

The Symposium was organised by the Migrant Careers and Aspirations project within the Trinity Immigration Initiative. For further information, please contact Torben Krings at 01 8963060 or

Presentations of the day:


Dr Martin Ruhs, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford

A Need for Migrant Labour? Staff Shortages, Immigration and Public Policy During
Economic Growth and Crisis

Dr Jack Pinkowski

Challenges and Opportunities for Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Dublin City

Dr Michael Doherty and Mary Hyland, Dublin City University

Be Careful What You Wish For…Migrant Labour and the Law

Dr Michelle O’Sullivan and Joseph Wallace, University of Limerick

Protecting Migrant Workers

Prof Alan Barrett, Adele Bergin and Dr Elish Kelly, Economic and Social Research

Estimating the Impact of Immigration on Wages in Ireland Using the “Skill Cell”

Dr Torben Krings, Dr Elaine Moriarty, Alicja Bobek and Justyna Salamonska, Dr
James Wickham, Trinity Immigration Initiative/Employment Research Centre

From Boom to Bust: Migrant and Employer Strategies in the Irish Construction

Sally Daly, Dublin Institute for Technology

Unearthing Change within Horticultural Production Practices in Ireland

Tara Farrell and Prof Kathy Monks, Dublin City University

Managing Diversity in the Intercultural Workplace