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Dr. Marisa Ronan

Research Fellow

Dr Marisa Ronan

Dr Marisa Ronan is a research fellow in Environmental Humanities in the School of History and Humanities.

My research interests centre on a number of projects with a Marine Heritage focus, including intervention points and best practice for managing tangible and intangible marine heritage and tackling environmental challenges to coastal cultural landscapes. My current work focuses on Dublin Bay, recently designated a UNESCO biosphere the bay offers a rich tapestry for the study of maritime cultural heritage preservation, policies and governance. This research draws on multidisciplinary and participatory approaches to develop sustainable management practices for the safeguarding of marine heritage while supporting "Blue Growth" strategies.

I am a core member of the COST Action, Ocean's Past Platform which aims to measure and understand the significance and value to European societies of living marine resource extraction and production to help shape the future of coasts and oceans.

As part of our European Observatory for the New Human Condition I explore the relationship between religion and the environment and how systems of faith impact perceptions of climate change, human agency and scientific intervention.

I also have a long term interest in Humanities impact, policy and STEAM (STEM+Art) projects. I am a research partner in the Impact-Ev European project, the main objective of IMPACT-EV is to develop a permanent system of selection, monitoring and evaluation of the various impacts of Social Sciences and the Humanities research. We are in the process of developing indicators and standards for evaluating scientific impact of SSH research but especially, for evaluating their political and social impact.


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