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The North Atlantic Fish Revolution
An Environmental History of the North Atlantic 1400-1700 (NorFish)




PoulProfessor Poul Holm, Principal Investigator, ERC Advanced Grant

Professor of Environmental History, Dr.Phil (Aarhus 1991), MA (Aalborg 1979), R (Knight of the Order of Dannebrog 2008), President of the European Consortium of Humanities Institutes and Centres, Director of the Irish Structured PhD Programme in Digital Arts and Humanities, School of Histories and Humanities, Trinity College Dublin Research interests: environmental humanities, translational humanities and maritime history

joJoanne D'Arcy, Project Officer, ERC Advanced Grant

Project officer for Environmental Humanities projects at TCD. Employed in corporate public relations consultancy for six years before moving into an in house communications officer and research administration roles. Manages the administration for ERC Advanced Grant, IMPACT-EV, the COST / Oceans Past Platform, H-MAP, the Digital Arts and Humanities funded PhD programme and other related projects for the Center for Environmental Humanities at TCD.

CharlieDr. Charles Travis, Assistant Professor of Geography, Department of History, University of Texas, Arlington.

Visiting Research Fellow, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD. Dr. Phil. (Geography, Trinity College Dublin, 2006), MA (Geography & Planning, University of Toledo, 1999), MA (Mass Communication / Journalism, Bowling Green State University, 1991), BA (Psychology, Toledo, 1987). Research interests: human geography, geographical information systems, digital humanities, environmental humanities.

FrankDr. Frank Ludlow, Marie Curie Individual Fellow (2016-2018), School of Histories and Humanities, TCD

Related Project: "Historical Dynamics of Violence, Conflict and Extreme Weather in Medieval Ireland" (CLIMCONFLICT). Frank has previously been a Postdoctoral Fellow (2013-2016) with the Yale Climate & Energy Institute and Department of History, working with Prof. Benedict Kiernan of the Department of History and Prof. Michael R. Dove of the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Research Interests: Environmental History, Climate History, Climate of the North Atlantic, Eurasia and the Near East in the Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Periods, Weather and Climatic Extremes, Societal Impacts of Extremes, Climate and Conflict.

KevinDr Kevin Lougheed, Teaching Fellow, Department of Geography, King's College London

Research Fellow, (School of Histories and Humanities, Trinity College Dublin, 2015) PhD (Geography, Trinity College Dublin, 2013), BA (Natural Science, Trinity College Dublin, 2008) Research interests: eighteenth and nineteenth century historical geography, GIS and historical geography, the emergence and impact of institutions in the landscape.

RobDr. Robert Legg, Associate Professor of Geography, Northern Michigan University

Dr. Phil. (Geography, Trinity College Dublin, 2006), Msc (Environmental Remote Sensing, University of Aberdeen, 1999), BA (Geography, Trinity Western, 1998) Research interests: patterns of settlement, geographic information systems, spatial analysis, archaeology, cartography.

CordulaDr. Cordula Scherer, Research Fellow, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD

Post-doctoral researcher in applied marine ecology; joined the NorFish team in May 2017 to ground-truth modelled hindcasts of food supply to higher trophic levels by sourcing primary production data for the relevant time period 1400 - 1700.

Worked at AFBI, Belfast and SAMS, Oban in the role of a policy advisor on marine issues, PhD (Edinburgh, 2012), MSc (Oldenburg, 2006), BSc (Oldenburg, 2004).

Research interests: the assessment of the health of our marine ecosystem to find holistic, interdisciplinary approaches in managing human pressure. The dynamics of change in marine communities over time and on spatial scales.

AlAl Matthews, PhD Candidate, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD

Joined Centre for Environmental Humanities in June 2016 working on the North Atlantic Fisheries: an environmental History 1400-1700 project. B.A. (Mod) from Trinity and Research M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics from Trinity in 2005 while recipient of Trinity Award form 2003-2005. Worked in the Financial Services from 2005 to 2016 as a Data Analyst. Research interests: exploring historical environmental data sources through Statistical analysis including computer programming.

PatrickPatrick Hayes, PhD Candidate, Research Assistant, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD

Completed a Master's in Early Modern History at TCD in 2015, before becoming a research assistant for Professor Poul Holm, compiling and organising an extensive digital library for the ERC Advanced Grant project. In September 2016, commencing an ERC funded PhD project entitled: "The sea fisheries of Great Britain and Ireland, 1558-1700: Scale, abundance and governance." Research interests: environmental history, marine environmental history, early modern history, political and economic history of Great Britain & Ireland.

Dr Kieran Rankin, Research Fellow, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD

Political and historical geographer, currently working as Research Fellow on the ERC Advanced Grant funded 'NorFish - North Atlantic Fisheries: An Environmental History, 1400-1700' project. Research interests: Political geography, international boundary studies, historical cartography, the Middle East, and modern Irish and British history. Currently serves as the digital journal manager for both the Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland and the Economic and Social Review.

Dr Dara Fleming-Farrell, Research Fellow, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD

Working on the ERC funded 'North Atlantic Fisheries: An Environmental History 1400-1700' project. PhD (Digital Humanities, Trinity College Dublin, 2016), MSc (Forensic Anthropology, University of Edinburgh, 2010), BA (Ancient History and Archaeology, Trinity College Dublin, 2008).

Research Interests: Bioarchaeology, environmental archaeology, settlement dynamics, digital humanities, 3D visualisation

John Nicholls, Data Manager, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD

Currently working as Researcher and Data Manager on the ERC Advanced Grant funded 'NorFish - North Atlantic Fisheries: An Environmental History, 1400-1700' project. John has been a PhD student at Hull University from 2014 until present, where he has also worked as a researcher since 2005. John also holds an MA in Philosophy from the University of Hull.

Research interests: Data management, philosophy, historical research.

Richard Breen, Research Assistant, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD

Joined the Centre for Environmental Humanities as a Research Assistant on the NorFish project in January 2017. Richard completed his Masters in Digital Humanities in Maynooth University in 2016. He has worked on the Letters of 1916 project as well as creating the Concorde40 Archive at the Contemporary Music Centre.

Research Interests: Digital humanities, digital heritage practices, musicology, history.



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