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IEHN Network Meeting - Donald Worster - 21 February 2017

IEHN Meetings

21 February, 2017, Trinity College Dublin

A forthcoming Public Lecture & Meeting of the Irish Environmental History Network will feature a lecture by Prof. Donald Worster of the University of Kansas and the Renmin University of China, entitled "Shrinking the Earth: The Rise and Decline of Natural Abundance".

Prof. Worster's talk will open with a photo of Earth taken from the edge of the solar system, the famous "blue dot" photo, and then go on to link that image and moment with the "discovery" (after 1492) of the Western Hemisphere and its wealth of natural resources. Worster will argue that a culture of endless economic expansion, or "growth," emerged in the aftermath of that discovery, with profound revolutionary consequences, before detailing how we are now facing the breakdown of that culture in a time of changed ecological reality.


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