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“The M.Phil. year was one of the best years of my life”
Cathy Cregan, M.Phil. Student, 2001-02

Welcome to the Centre for Gender and Women's Studies

Kathy Prendergast, Untitled, 1985, watercolour, 56.5 x 75.6 cm, TCD Collections.

Kathy Prendergast, Untitled, 1985, watercolour, 56.5 x 75.6 cm, TCD Collections

The Centre for Women's Studies was established in Trinity College in July, 1988. In 1999, in order to reflect the increasing diversity of its interests in areas such as sexualities and masculinities, the Centre expanded its title and remit to become the Centre for Gender and Women's Studies. In 2005, the Centre became a full member of the School of Histories and Humanities. According to a 2006 evaluation, ‘Trinity is now the academically strongest Gender and Women's Studies Centre in Ireland'

Since its inception, the Centre has developed and sustained an M.Phil programme and a doctoral programme of the highest quality, has undertaken significant research activities and engaged in both innovative and traditional community outreach. Members of the Centre are recognised both nationally and throughout the EU for their expertise on gender issues.

Dr. Catherine Lawless

Director/Academic Co-ordinator


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  • Dr Mary Healy's paper, from the Orientality: Beyond Foreign Affairs conference, held at the National Portrait Gallery London, 2-3 June 2015. Organised by the Orientalist Museum, Qatar Museum Authority, presents a case study of A Complaint with the Cadi (Algeria), ca. 1896—a painting by the French Orientalist artist Marie Lucas-Robiquet (1858-1959).

News & Events

'Vulnerability and Resistance Revisited' a public lecture by Professor Judith Butler (University of California, Berkeley) hosted by the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, Trinity College Dublin, 5th February 2015. Welcome by Dr. Catherine Lawless (Director, CGWS). Introduced and chaired by Dr. Tina Kinsella (CGWS). Panel respondents (in the order of speaking on the podcast): Noirin MacNamara (Queen’s University, Belfast), Dr Noreen Giffney (Birckbeck, University of London), Dr Noel Fitzpatrick (GradCAM, Dublin Institute of Technology), Dr Carmen Kuhling (University of Limerick), Dr Mary Condren (CGWS) and Michael O’Rourke (Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Skopje).

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