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Trinity Monday Memorial Discourses 1895 - 2015

2015 J.Lunney on James MacCullagh
2014 D. Berman on Arthur Aston Luce
2013 Z. Rodgers on Jacob Weingreen
2012 V. McBrierty on E.T.S. Walton, Nobel Laureate
2011 D. Coakley on Denis Burkitt
2010 E. McParland on Francis Andrews, Provost 1758-1774
P. Florides on John Lighton Synge
2008 P. Boyle on Provost Baldwin
2007 P. Wyse Jackson on John Joly
2006 D. Kennedy on Samuel Barclay Beckett
2005 I. McGovern on William Rowan Hamilton
2004 S. Parkes on Alice Oldham
2003 P. Geoghegan on Robert Emmet
2002 C. O Hainle on Mairtin O Cadhain
2001 S. Sen on Sir George Abraham Grierson
2000 J.M.D. Coey on George Francis Fitzgerald
1999 D. Dickson on Theobold Wolfe Tone
1998 S. Barrett on John Kells Ingram
1997 L.M. Cullen on Edmund Burke
1996 D. Coakley on William Stokes
1995 A. Clarke on Henry Jones
1994 T.T. West on Horace Plunkett
1993 H. Robinson-Hammerstein on Adam Loftus
1992 M.T.W Robinson on Douglas Hyde
1991 T. D. Spearman on George Salmon
1990 D. Weaire on Thomas Preston
1989 R.F.V. Heuston on Fanny Moran
1988 P. O'Higgins on George Higinbotham, Irish Judge
1987 C. Nelson on Thomas Coulter, Trinity's Miner-Botanist
1986 J.V. Luce on William Molyneux
1985 D. Berman on George Berkeley
1984 G.L. Herries-Davies on Sir Robert Stawell Ball
1983 K.G. Davies on Lord George Sackville alias Germain
1982 A.A. Tait on Mountifort Longfield
1981 T.D. Spearman on Humphrey Lloyd
1980 R.B. McDowell on Henry Grattan
1979 C.C. O'Brien on E.H. Carson
1978 W.B. Stanford on R.Y. Tyrell
1977 R.P.C. Hanson on W.C. Magee, Archbishop
1976 R.B. McDowell on Edmund Burke
1975 R.F.V. Heuston on Lord Cairns, Lord Chancellor
1974 A.N. Jeffares on Oliver Goldsmith
1973 W.J.E. Jessop on Samuel Haughton
1972 D.W. Greene on Douglas Hyde
1971 T.R. Henn on J.M. Synge
1970 R.B. McDowell on George Macartney, Ambassador
1969 G.O. Simms on J.H. Todd
1968 Lord Rosse on William Parsons, Third Earl of Rosse
1967 H.R. McAdoo on Jeremy Taylor
1966 D.A. Webb on W.H. Harvey, Professor of Botany
1965 R.B.D. French on George Birmingham
1964 F.S.L. Lyons on T.A. Emmett
1963 A.N. Jeffares on J.B. Yeats Senior
1962 T de V White on J.P. Mahaffy
1961 H.W. Parke on J.B. Bury
1960 A.A. Luce on J.H. Bernard
1959 J.J. Horgan on Sir Bertram Windle
1958 J.H.J. Poole on John Joly
1957 W.F. Pyle on George Farquhar
1956 No discourse    
1955 R.B. McDowell on W.H. Russell, War Correspondent
1954 H.R. Chillingworth on Jane Barlow, Poet
1953 J. Hone on George Berkeley
1952 G.C. Seaver on Charles Lever
1951 R.I. Best on Whitley Stokes, Jurist & Celtic Scholar
1950 A.J. Leventhal on George Darley
1949 T.S.C. Dagg on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
1948 T.W.E. Drury on Henry Francis Lyte
1947 R.R. Hartford on Edward Synge
1946 G.A. Chamberlain on Thomas Prior
1945 T.P.C. Kirkpatrick on Sir Patrick Dun
1944 R.P. McDermott on James Ussher
1943 H.M.O. White on Edward Dowden
1942 N.D. Emerson on William Bedell
1941 St. J.D. Seymour on Samuel Winter
1940 R.Wyse Jackson on Jonathan Swift
1939 R.M. Gwynn on Edward Hincks
1938 A.A. Luce on George Berkeley
1937 J.E.L. Oulton on William Reeves
1936 G.A. Chamberlain on Samuel Madden
1935 T.J. Johnston on Henry Flood
1934 W.F. Trench on Thomas Moore
1933 A.W. Evans on William Palmer
1932 G.V. Jourdan on Sir James Ware
1931 W.S. Kerr on Thomas Travers
1930 B.C. Waller on Thomas Davis
1929 J.J. Stockley on Edmund Burke
1928 G.A. Chamberlain on William Molyneux
1927 N.J.D. White on Jeremy Taylor
1926 H.G. Monroe on Oliver Goldsmith
1925 H.W.B. Thompson on Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton
1924 H. Vere White on Bishop Jebb
1923 D.F.R. Wilson on Tate, Brady, Toplady, Lyte
1922 C.A. Webster on Peter Browne
1921 R.H. Murray on Dublin University & the New World
1920 N.J.D. White on Narcissus Marsh
1919 No discourse    
1918 No discourse    
1917 No discourse    
1916 No discourse    
1915 Sir J. Ross on William Molyneux
1914 J.O. Hannay on Philip Skelton
1913 H.J. Lawlor on Henry Dodwell
1912 J.H. Bernard on The Discontent of Jonathan Swift
1911 T.S.R Lindsay on William Bedell
1910 R.W. Seaver on Sir Samuel Ferguson
1909 J.I. Peacocke on Anthony Dopping
1908 N.J.D. White on Luke Challoner
1907 J.P. Mahaffy on John Stearne, Medicus
1906 M.H.F. Collis on William Archer Butler
1905 L.A. Pooler on Edward Hincks
1904 C.F. d'Arcy on Sir William Rowan Hamilton
1903 J.H. Kennedy on Oliver Goldsmith
1902 W.R.W. Roberts on Lord Falkland
1901 W. Sherlock on Henry Grattan
1900 G.A. Chadwick on Edmund Burke
1899 H.J. Lawlor on William King
1898 J.P. Mahaffy on John Stearne, Bishop
1897 J.H. Bernard on George Berkeley
1896 J. Gwynn on Thomas Wilson
1895 J. Dowden on James Ussher

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