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CL4051 Egypt

Module Co-ordinators: Dr Hazel Dodge, Prof. Brian McGing
Duration of Course: All Year
Contact Hours: 44 (1 x 2-hr class p.w.)
Weighting: 20 ECTS
Assessment: 2 x 3hr end-of-year examinations.

Overview & Aims:

This module explores aspects of life in Greek and Roman Egypt using the full range of source material available to us.   The primary focus will be Egypt in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, but the pharaonic period as well as the later reception of Egyptian culture will also be important. Key issues which will be explored will include: what is ‘special’ about Egypt? the nature and survival of evidence; the exploitation of land and resources; religious and social interaction; the ‘image’ of Egypt.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful conclusion of this module, students should be able to demonstrate:

  • Clear knowledge and understanding of the module content
  • Spatial and visual skills for the analysis of architecture and images
  • Skills to evaluate primary sources (both archaeological and textual)
  • Ability to use these skills for discussion of modern interpretations
  • Ability to apply this knowledge and these skills objectively and flexibly to key issues and to express their own ideas in a coherent and thoughtful way.


Last updated 18 June 2012