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Study Abroad

The Department of Classics encourages students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, to avail of opportunities to study abroad, for example to improve their language skills or to take courses unavailable at Trinity College.

The easiest way to spend a year or half year at another university is through the Erasmus programme. The co-ordinators of Erasmus links are familiar with the situation at your host university, you will not pay fees abroad, and you will be able to apply for a small stipend for the cost of travel and living.

The Department of Classics has undergraduate exchanges with the universities of Bordeaux in France, Geneva and Freiburg/Fribourg in Switzerland, Udine in Italy and Istanbul in Turkey (co-ordinator: Dr Martine Cuypers) as well as a postgraduate and staff exchange with the University of Cyprus (co-ordinator: Dr. Christine Morris). Students in TSM or AMHC also have the option to go abroad through a link co-ordinated by their other department(s). For general information on the Erasmus programme and an overview of existing links, see the relevant pages of the Academic Registry web site.

The Department of Classics encourages undergraduates who would like to study abroad to do so in their Senior Freshman year but does allow exchanges in the Junior Sophister year that are of obvious academic value. The minimum requirement for studying abroad is a mark of II.2 in the examinations of the previous academic year. If the number of applicants for an exchange exceeds the number of available places, academic performance to date may be weighed in the selection process. TSM students should note that different departments have different rules on these points. Please consult with the co-ordinator in your other department to find out what is required and allowed.

All students interested in studying abroad for a year should first contact Dr Martine Cuypers for advice. Plans to go abroad in the next academic year should be initiated before February (and earlier is better!).

Last updated 7 March 2017