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Current Research Students


Topic Supervisor(s) Funding

Almqvist, Olaf

Becoming a God: Situating Immortalisation in Ancient Greek Polytheism

Ashley Clements

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2013-17)

Breeckner, David

The Design and Use of Provincial Ceramics in Middle Minoan East Crete, as Observed at Priniatikos Pyrgos

Christine Morris

Department of Classics Studentship (2011-14)

Corless, Bridget

Colour Symbolism and the use of Decorative Stones in Rome

Hazel Dodge


Desmond, Margaret

Fire in Ancient Rome

Hazel Dodge

Trinity College Postgraduate Research Studentship (2014-17)

Felisari, Clara

Capturing Iambos: Code-Switching in an Ancient Greek Literary Language

Martine Cuypers

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2013-16)

Finn, Ellen

Tomb Re-aders: Anthropological Approaches to the Funerary Archaeology of Prepalatial Crete – Review, Redefinition and Reconsideration

Christine Morris

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2015-19)

Gramps, Adrian

The Fiction of Occasion in Hellenistic and Roman Poetry

Martine Cuypers / Monica Gale

Trinity College Postgraduate Research Studentship (2013-14); IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2014-17)

Gwozdecky, Graham

Hero and Exile: Plutarch’s Life of Sertorius

Brian McGing


Kerrigan, Charlie

Reading Virgil in Britain, 1870-1930

Monica Gale

Trinity College Non-Foundation Scholarship (2014-16)

Madela, Alexandra

The Argonautica of Orpheus and the Epic Tradition in Late Antiquity

Martine Cuypers

Trinity College Non–Foundation Scholarship (2016–18)

O'Halloran, Barry

The Political Economy of Classical Athens: A Maritime Perspective

Brian McGing


Scramuzzo, Steven

Mithraism in the Roman World: A re-evaluation

Hazel Dodge


João de Oliveira Sita

Satiric Censure and Philosophical Therapy in Persius

Anna Chahoud

Trinity College Postgraduate Research Studentship (2015-18)

Smith, Sasha

Gardens of Lucullus: Ornamental Garden Structures during the Late Republic

Monica Gale


Walker, Guy

Neoplatonic Thought in Nonnus’ Dionysiaca

Martine Cuypers

Trinity College Postgraduate Research Studentship (2016–19)

Zimmermann, Simone

Midwives of Eileithyia: An Analysis of Women’s Ritual Pharmacological Lore in Minoan Crete

Christine Morris

A.G. Leventis Scholarship in Hellenic Studies  (2013-16)

Last updated 7 March 2017