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Current Research Students


Topic Supervisor(s) Funding

Almqvist, Olaf

Becoming a God: Situating Immortalisation in Ancient Greek Polytheism

Ashley Clements

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2013-17)

Ashton, Susannah

Pockets of Temporal and Spatial Disruption: Investigating Archaic Cosmogonic Conceptions of Time

Ashley Clements

Ferrar Memorial Studentship (2018–22)

Corless, Bridget

Colour Symbolism and the use of Decorative Stones in Rome

Hazel Dodge


Desmond, Margaret

Fire in Ancient Rome

Hazel Dodge

Trinity College Postgraduate Research Studentship (2014-17)

Finley-Mcalester, Judith

Bringing it All Back Home: Repatriation, Restitution and the Healing Museum

Christine Morris


Finn, Ellen

Tomb Re-aders: Anthropological Approaches to the Funerary Archaeology of Prepalatial Crete – Review, Redefinition and Reconsideration

Christine Morris

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2015-19)

Foley, Elizabeth

The Nesiotic Leagues: Island Cooperation and Connectivity in the Hellenistic Aegean (c.314-166 BCE)

Shane Wallace

IIRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2017-20)

Gwozdecky, Graham

Hero and Exile: Plutarch’s Life of Sertorius

Brian McGing

Trinity College Postgraduate Studentship (2017-19)

Madela, Alexandra

The Argonautica of Orpheus and the Epic Tradition in Late Antiquity

Martine Cuypers

Trinity College Non–Foundation Scholarship (2016–18), IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2017-20)

Moore, Ralph

The Impact of Mass Migration on Roman Imperialism and Frontier Policy c200BCE-14CE

Hazel Dodge

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2018-21)

Smith, Sasha

Gardens of Lucullus: Ornamental Garden Structures during the Late Republic

Monica Gale


Strigel, William

Plato and Aristophanic Comedy

Ashley Clements


Walker, Guy

Neoplatonic Thought in Nonnus’ Dionysiaca

Martine Cuypers

Trinity College Postgraduate Research Studentship (2016–19), IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2017-20)

Zimmermann, Simone

Midwives of Eileithyia: An Analysis of Women’s Ritual Pharmacological Lore in Minoan Crete

Christine Morris

A.G. Leventis Scholarship in Hellenic Studies  (2013-16)

Last updated 18 July 2018