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News & Events 2017

Trinity scientists win SFI President of Ireland Future Research Leaders Awards

25 January 2018

School of Biochemistry and Immunology researchers, Dr Lydia Lynch and Dr Tomás Ryan, received prestigious SFI President of Ireland Future Research Leaders Awards at a special ceremony in Áras an Uachtaráin in Dublin today. President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, honoured the recipients, of which there were five in total (Trinity was the only institution with two recipients). The awards represent a combined investment of €7 million, and will also support the additional recruitment of 15 research positions.
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Dr David Finlay wins ERC Consolidator Award for €2 million

14 December 2017

Dr David Finlay has won a prestigious European Research Commission (ERC) Consolidator Grants worth €2 million to pursue a cutting-edge research project investigating how nutrients can regulated the induction of T cell immune responses.

In recent years, scientists have demonstrated that cellular metabolism appears to be crucial in controlling immune responses; regulation of the response is acutely sensitive to nutrients that fuel important metabolic pathways and support nutrient-sensitive signaling pathways. Some of Dr David Finlay’s prior work has indicated - in vitro - that these process-driving nutrients are not equally available to all immune cells.

What Dr Finlay now hopes to do is demonstrate how local distributions of nutrients such as glucose, glutamine and leucine affect the immune response in vivo in mice.

David said “We are developing new tools to allow us to study nutrient distribution at the single cell level in vivo, something that is not currently possible. If we can conclusively demonstrate that the availability of these nutrients is a key mechanism for controlling CD8 T cell immune responses, it would be a paradigm-shifting discovery that would open new horizons for the study of nutrient-regulated immune responses.”

World’s first nutrigenomic supplement for horses launched

1 December 2017

Irish equine science company Plusvital has launched EnerGeneQ10, the world's first nutrigenomic supplement for horses. The product, Energene-Q10, is based on research conducted by Prof. Emmeline Hill, University College Dublin and by Prof. Richard Porter, School of Biochemistry and Immunology, Trinity College Dublin. The research was funded by Science Foundation Ireland and is published this week in PLoS ONE.
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Prof Luke O’Neill wins the 2017 Provost Innovation Award

27 November 2017

Professor of Biochemistry, Luke O’Neill was awarded the highest accolade at the Trinity Innovation Awards 2017 ceremony, where nine leading Trinity researchers and inventors were acknowledged for their innovative research and entrepreneurship.

Luke won the overall Provost Innovation Award for his outstanding contribution to innovation throughout a career where he has consistently translated his academic success into patents, licences, industry collaborations and start-ups. More details

Keith Tipton Medal for Postgraduate Research

16 November 2017

The Keith Tipton Medal for Postgraduate Research was awarded to Katie O'Brien.

Her supervisor is David Finlay and the working title of her thesis is: “SREBP-controlled glucose metabolism is essential for Natural Killer cell functional responses




The Bruno Bash and the Margaret Ciotti Medal

19 May 2017

The Margaret Ciotti medal is awarded annually to the best Senior Sophister experimentalist and is given by Bruno Orsi, a retired lecturer, in honour of his late wife, Margaret, a biochemist who worked on NAD+ and NADP+-dependent enzymes.

This year's prize was awarded to Daniel Fortunati for his project titled ''Real time monitoring of a-Synuclein oligomerization and in vivo effects of oligomers on long term potentiation'.
His supervisor was Dr Ken Hun Mok.



Prof Andrew Bowie presented with 2017 ISI Public Lecture Award

27 April 2017

Professor Andrew Bowie (School of Biochemistry and Immunology, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, TCD) was presented with the 2017 Irish Society for Immunology Public Lecture Award, on Thursday 27th April.

This event was hosted in association with the Irish Times.

As part of his award ceremony, Professor Bowie presented a public lecture entitled: "Viruses and us: playing host to the enemy" In his lecture, he discussed the fascinating relationship between us and viruses – how viruses invade our cells, how our cells are equipped to detect and thwart such an invasion, and why the same cellular anti-viral detectors that protect us from these invaders can also cause damage, chronic inflammation and autoimmunity.

This lecture also marked part of the ISI’s contribution to the European Day of Immunology 2017.

Dr Nigel Stevenson gave a Public Forum Lecture entitled "Immune Wars" during Trinity Week 2017

April 2017

Dr Nigel Stevenson (Assistant Professor of Intracellular Immunology and Director of the M.Sc in Immunology) gave a exciting Public Forum Lecture entitled "Immune Wars" in TBSI during the 2017 Trinity Week.

He gave an overview of global viral threats and his lab's research solutions, that aim to restore the innate anti-viral immune response.





Senior Sophister Ronan Treanor wins 1st prize in Summer Blog Challenge

1 February 2017

During Michaelmas Term, Senior Sophister students were invited by the Careers Advisory Service to participate in a Summer Blog Challenge in which students wrote a 500-word blog describing their summer work experience. EisnerAmper Ireland very kindly sponsored this competition and offered 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to the winning writers. School of Biochemistry and Immunology Senior Sophister Ronan Treanor won 1st Prize (€250) for his blog 'Of mice and manuscripts' You can read his winning blog here.

Ronan and the other prizewinners will be presented with their prizes at a special lunch on 1 March 2017.
You can read more about the competition and read extracts from the winning blogs at this link

Scientists discover key role of ‘protector’ molecule that fights the common flu

26 January 2017

A team of scientists led by Dr Nigel Stevenson has discovered that a biological molecule important in cell growth (STAT3) is also critical in protecting us against infection – so much so that we would be unable to fight the common flu virus without it. Their discovery could pave the way to the development of new therapeutics charged with restoring our natural immunity to a whole spectrum of viruses that have evolved ‘roadblocks’ to the immune response.
More details

HRB Article: click here

News & Events 2016

Keith Tipton Medal for Postgraduate Research

20 October 2016

The Keith Tipton Medal for Postgraduate Research was awarded to Keenan Lacey.

His supervisor is Rachel McLoughlin and the working title of his thesis is: “Investigating the role of cell wall-anchored proteins in Staphylococcus aureus skin infection and their potential to activate T-cells”




Researchers Awarded €2.9 Million for Oral and Oesophageal Cancer Research

13 October 2016

Researchers in Trinity’s School of Biochemistry and Immunology and School of Dental Science have been awarded €2.9 million Horizon 2020 funding for a project entitled TRAining in Cancer mechanisms and Therapeutics (TRACT), in collaboration with European partners Queen’s University Belfast, University of Siena, University of Valencia and OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS.

This project, researching oral and oesophageal cancer, has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 721906. Associate Professor in Biochemistry at Trinity’s School of Biochemistry and Immunology Dr Daniela Zisterer is the TRACT project coordinator. More details

Professor Rachel McLoughlin secures prestigious SFI Investigators Programme award

3 August 2016

Congratulations to Professor Rachel McLoughlin for securing a prestigious SFI Investigators Programme award for her project entitled: "Profiling ‘immune signatures’ predictive of outcome in Staphylococcus aureus infection: Advancing next generation vaccine design". This project will interrogate T-cell responses in specific patient groups who are at risk of S.aureus infection and will identify strategies used by the bacterium to inhibit the protection afforded by these cells, which may impede vaccine efficacy. Knowledge gained will inform next generation anti-S.arueus vaccine development. More details
Photo: Mark Ferguson, Rachel McLoughlin, Eoin Casey and Mary Mitchell-OConnor

Professor Nigel Stevenson wins Global Engagement Award

June 2016

Professor Nigel Stevenson was awarded the Provost’s "Global Engagement Certificate of Excellence" to mark his significant contribution to Trinity’s Global Engagement activities. More details

Farewell to Miriam

17 June 2016

Miriam Wilson, our long-time colleague and friend, opted to take early retirement and left her post as an Executive Officer with our School on Friday 17 June 2016. An employee of College since 1978, Miriam leaves Trinity with a wealth of experience in university administration and hopefully, some fond memories of her time with us in B&I. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours as she heads for the sunnier climes of Greece. Miriam asked that no formal farewell event be arranged so instead we had an informal get-together with coffee, cakes and a presentation on her last day. Photographs

The Bruno Bash and the Margaret Ciotti Medal

19 May 2016

The Margaret Ciotti medal is awarded annually to the best Senior Sophister experimentalist and is given by Bruno Orsi, a retired lecturer, in honour of his late wife, Margaret, a biochemist who worked on NAD+ and NADP+-dependent enzymes.

This year's prize was awarded to Aaron Fleming for his project titled 'Synergy between TLR and STING agonists in promoting CD4+ Th1 and Th17 responses'. His supervisor was Prof. Kingston Mills. Photographs.

Exams over!

11 May 2016

Our Senior Sophister students looking very happy after finishing their last exam.

Professor Luke O’Neill Collaborates in GSK Global Immunology Network

4 May 2016

Professor of Biochemistry, Luke O’Neill, is one of five academics worldwide to join a new immunology research collaboration programme, the Immunology Network, operated by the global healthcare company, GSK. The academic immunologists, who are predominantly focused on basic science, will join GSK’s world class R&D facility in Stevenage, UK, where they will work alongside GSK’s scientists while pursuing their own independent research programmes. More details

Professor Luke O’Neill is Elected as Fellow of the Royal Society

3 May 2016

Professor Luke O’Neill, School of Biochemistry and Immunology, has been elected as Fellow of the prestigious Royal Society. The Royal Society is a Fellowship of many of the world's most eminent scientists and is the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence. More details

Scientists Write New Language for Cells

11 April 2016

In a ground-breaking study that merges linguistics, biochemistry, computer science and mathematics, scientists in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology led by Gavin Davey, Associate Professor in Neuroscience, have written a formal language that enables deciphering of the highly complex manner in which proteins are modified by sugar molecules. More details

Transition Year Programme

March 2016

Once again our 2015/16 student transition year programme was a huge success with many labs hosting what will hopefully be our future undergraduates. We received over 300 applications from schools all over the country and selected 50 students, 23 for the week in November and 27 for the week in March. 18 counties were represented, with students from Donegal to Wexford, Sligo to Kerry and even the Aran Islands and Belfast! Feedback was very positive, so many thanks to the staff and students who gave their time to making the programme such a great success.

Photograph: February 2016 group


News & Events 2015

Immunologists Unearth Key Piece of MRSA Vaccine Puzzle

9 November 2015

Immunologists from Trinity College Dublin have unearthed a key piece of the MRSA vaccine puzzle by identifying specific ‘helper’ cells whose role in the immune response is critical in affecting infection outcomes. The immunologists were able to develop a model vaccine, which targeted these ‘T-helper type 1’ cells, and then showed experimentally that its use led to improved infection outcomes. More details

Keith Tipton Medal for Postgraduate Research

October 2015

The Keith Tipton Medal for Postgraduate Research (2nd year PhD student) was awarded to Mariann Landsberger.

Her project involves identifying novel viral inhibitors of transcription factors activated during innate immunity, and her supervisor is Prof Andrew Bowie.



Biochemists Devise New Technique for Blueprinting Cell Membrane Proteins

4 June 2015

Biochemists from the School of Biochemistry and Immunology, Trinity College Dublin have devised a new technique that will make the difficult but critical job of blueprinting certain proteins considerably faster, easier and cheaper, and should have major implications in the field of drug discovery and development. More details

The Bruno Bash and the Margaret Ciotti Medal

21 May 2015

The Margaret Ciotti medal is awarded annually to the best Senior Sophister experimentalist and is given by Bruno Orsi, a retired lecturer, in honour of his late wife, Margaret, a biochemist who worked on NAD+ and NADP+-dependent enzymes.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the first Bruno Bash and Margaret Ciotti prize-giving ceremony and to mark the occasion past recipients of the medal were invited back to the School. We also invited the first winner of the medal, Eric Miska, who is now Herchel Smith Professor of Molecular Genetics in Cambridge, to give a talk before the prize giving ceremony. A commemmorative booklet was produced by Margaret and Bruno's son Marcus.

This year's prize was awarded to Andrew O’Meara for his project titled 'Characterisation of the stimulatory properties of a synthetic glycolipid for human natural killer T cells'. His supervisor was Dr Derek Doherty. Photographs.

Scientists Uncover Marvel Molecule that Could Lead to Treatments for Myriad of Inflammatory Disease

17 February 2015

Scientists in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology, Trinity College Dublin have uncovered a marvel molecule that blocks a key driver of inflammatory diseases. The finding could meet a major unmet clinical need by inspiring new non-invasive treatments for arthritis, multiple sclerosis and Muckle-Wells syndrome, among a myriad of other inflammatory diseases.  More details


News & Events 2014

Cliona O’Farrelly wins a 2014 Nature Award for Mentoring in Science

5 November 2014

Professor of Comparative Immunology at Trinity College Dublin, Cliona O’Farrelly, has won a 2014 Nature Award for Mentoring in Science at Science Foundation Ireland’s 2014 Summit. The leading international journal Nature hosts these awards on an annual basis to champion the importance of mentoring and inspiring future generations of young researchers. More details A reception was held in TBSI in April 2015 to celebrate the award. Photographs

Bacterial Blueprints Could Give Doctors and Nurses Fewer Sleepless Nights

11 August 2014

One of the most common types of bacterial infection might soon give doctors and nurses fewer sleepless nights, thanks to a discovery made by scientists from the School of Biochemistry and Immunology at Trinity College Dublin. More details

Postgraduate Immunology Students From Around the World Present Novel Research Findings

4 July 2014

Our Immunology MSc. students presented their research findings to members of the School, peer researchers and a panel of judges at the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI) on 4 July. More details

Luke O'Neill Chosen for Thompson Reuters 2014 World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds List

30 June 2014

Two Trinity College Dublin scientists have been selected to join 3000 authors from around the world in Thompson Reuters’ new compilation of influential names in science. Professor Luke O’Neill, Professor of Biochemistry, School of Biochemistry and Immunology in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI) and Professor Jonathan Coleman, Professor of Chemical Physics in the School of Physics will appear in the Thompson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers website and 2014 World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds report which has been recently launched.

Professors O’Neill and Coleman join only seven other Irish scientists on this illustrious list of authors who rank among the top 1% most cited for their subject field and year of publication (between 2002 and 2012).

Professor O’Neill has been included among other notable scientists in the field of immunology. More details

Richard Porter commended at Provost Teaching Awards

18 June 2014

Richard Porter who received a commendation at the Provost Teaching Awards ceremony on Wednesday 18 June.

Andrew Bowie elected member of the Royal Irish Academy

30 May 2014

Andrew Bowie has been elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy. Membership of the Royal Irish Academy is the highest academic honour in Ireland and a public recognition of academic achievement. The admittance ceremony was on 30 May. Visit the Royal Irish Academy website for more details on the announcement. Information is also available on the TCD News and Events website.

The Bruno Bash and the Margaret Ciotti Medal

19 May 2014

The Margaret Ciotti medal is awarded to the best Senior Sophister experimentalist and is given by Bruno Orsi, a retired lecturer, in honour of his late wife, Margaret, a biochemist who worked on NAD+ and NADP+-dependent enzymes.

This year's prize was awarded to Sorcha Forde for her project titled 'An investigation into the immunomodulatory effects of Dimethyl Fumarate in the treatment of psoriasis'. Her project supervisor was Dr Jean Fletcher.

View photographs from the event.

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