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Paula Roseingrave Bio

My name is Paula Roseingrave, and I am a Trinity graduate in Counselling Psychology, and a Chartered Counselling Psychologist of the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI). I hold two Post-graduate qualifications in psychological trauma from the Universities of Chester and Oxford.  I set up the first National Counselling Service for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) for patients and their families in St Vincent's University Hospital. The Paula Roseingrave Bursary for CF counselling was first awarded in 2017 in the UCD School of Medicine, in recognition of my contribution to the development of psychological services for Cystic Fibrosis patients and their families in Ireland. I was as a lecturer and Director of Counselling Studies in Keele University in the U.K. and co-ordinated the first psychology focused symposium in Chatham House, London, following the London Bombings in 2005. After 9/11, I was prompted to study Global Security and International Relations in Keele University, to try and understand the causes and consequences to that event. This began my journey as a specialist psychologist in politics and the environment. I also founded a Special Interest Group in Psychology and the Environment in PSI in 2006.

POWER: A new voice for women in Ireland
Perhaps the most personal reason why I have decided to put myself forward in this election is my experience of sexual harassment as a student, together with my first-hand knowledge of the traumas and challenges of faced by the many women I have seen as a psychologist. 
Following the global outrage surrounding the recent murders of Aisling Murphy in Ireland and Sarah Everard in the UK, we need to re-think the structural and institutional barriers to women’s safety and security, no matter where they live. This will only be achievable if women can be in positions of power to make radical change happen! As a Senator on the Trinity panel, I will work to facilitate greater protections for women on college campuses and within public and private spaces in Ireland and improve reporting processes as part of protecting woman from the long-term impact of sexual violence. 

RESPECT: A voice for marginalised groups, and the transformation of mental health services in Ireland.
As someone with a hearing impairment from childhood and being a mum of a child with an educational disorder, I am acutely aware of the difficulties for everyone living with a disability. I believe we have much to do in providing a level playing field for people like myself and others. There is an appalling lack of provision of assessment, early intervention and support services for people with disabilities here in Ireland.
As an experienced psychologist, I believe we have much to do to fix our dysfunctional mental health system and more funding needs to be provided, specifically for local mental health services, comprising specialised therapies tailored to individual needs, as I have seen in other health care systems internationally.   

PROTECT: A voice for the Environment to help mitigate the climate crisis.
As a passionate environmentalist, I believe I have an important role to play in the Seanad to help bring awareness to the challenges and behavioural underpinnings that are obstructing progress in the area of climate action. As a mother of two wonderful young adults, I have to fight for them and future generations. The time for talking is over! Action needs happen NOW if we are to mitigate this very serious global crisis and provide our children with a sustainable planet to live on.
I believe this By-election provides Trinity graduates, wherever they reside, with an opportunity to influence the democratic process that shapes Irish society today. This is the reason I’m asking you to please consider giving me your No. 1 VOTE, so I can fulfil the commitments I have made in my Manifesto pledge and to have the privilege of serving you, a Trinity graduate like myself, and the people of Ireland in Seanad Eireann.

You can email me directly at: and follow my campaign journey on: