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Michael McDermott Bio

Michael has been at Trinity for 9 years and has achieved much.  This includes creating a Facebook page with over 8000 followers, a silver medal in both the SU Presidency and the UT Editorship in the 2018 TCDSU elections and at one point he won a Christmas jumper competition at the School of Physics Christmas party. At some point, he got a degree in Nanoscience.

His hobbies include watching TV, tweeting, comedy, chess and writing about himself in the third person.

Michael has dreamed of representing Trinity in the Seanad ever since this bye-election was called and he realised that getting 10 signatures on the nomination form was actually quite doable. Also, with 16 other candidates, it seemed everybody else was doing it and he didn’t want to feel left out.

He is running on a loosely-assembled platform of abolishing the Seanad from within and being a voice for current students and the recently graduated who can’t seem to find any accommodation in Dublin because there’s too many hotels in the way. This group is mostly ineligible to vote in this election so it’s clearly something he believes in rather than a shrewd electoral strategy."