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Catherine Stocker Bio

I am asking for your No. 1 vote to represent the Dublin University constituency in the Seanad because I believe I can drive the change we urgently need to build a prosperous, equitable and sustainable Ireland.

I believe that the people who currently represent us and their policies do not reflect the modern, compassionate, progressive country that has emerged in recent years.

I graduated from TCD with a BA (2005) and MPhil (2009) and worked with the Trinity Access Programmes for six years, broadening access to traditionally under-represented people – a change that I know also benefits Trinity’s student and academic community enormously. For the last three years I’ve worked full-time as a Dublin City Councillor with the SocDems, driving change in housing that is affordable to rent or buy, campaigning for fair, evidence-based policy making and holding those with power to account.

We all know that Ireland must be more than an economy, more than FDI and GDP. We are a society first and foremost. I entered politics because I firmly believe that we all benefit from a more equitable, compassionate society. When my daughter was born, I looked around me – and as a Trinity graduate I am aware of my privilege - and knew I could protect her:  health insurance, education, extra-curricular activities. But I knew that she would be less, that we all are less, for growing up in a society where all children don’t have those opportunities and where their basic needs are not provided for. A society that protects and fights for its most vulnerable members is one where we all thrive.

You have a chance to make a difference with your vote, to continue the proud Trinity tradition of electing representatives who are a voice for a modern, progressive Ireland and who hold government to account.

I am asking for your No. 1 vote for me, Catherine Stocker, to drive that change. I will work as your independent, non-government voice in the Seanad.

You can find out much more about me at and I’d be delighted to answer any of your questions there.