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Aubrey McCarthy Bio

Dear fellow Trinity Graduate,

Ireland faces challenges but also many opportunities as we move beyond the Covid pandemic. I am asking for your Seanad vote because I want to highlight issues that, more than ever, need to be on our Government’s agenda. Coming from a business background, I know the importance of investment for creating jobs. But also of controlling costs to maintain and increase employment. We need a strong economy to have the resources to serve all our people.

In my own life, I have tried to balance success in business with commitment to others. In 2008, I founded Tiglin, a charity that helps people overcome addiction and homelessness. We have assisted hundreds of people and their families to improve their lives. We believe in each person’s potential. We get results that benefit the whole of society.

I am running for the Seanad because the lessons I have learned through my work need a strong voice in the Oireachtas. We need to focus on inequality but also on solutions that make sense and get results. I can make a positive contribution. The Seanad is a forum
where different voices can bring perspectives often not heard in the Dáil, voices that are needed in the Oireachtas. I want to contribute with practical ideas about a strong economy and social justice.

I have a record of action, an agenda for change and my priorities if elected will include:

  • Access to housing
  • Access to education
  • Protecting the environment and sustainability
  • Supporting small and medium sized businesses
  • Tackling violence against women

Please consider me for your No 1 vote.  If you have any ideas, queries or want to clarify whether you are registered to vote, I would be happy to hear from you.  You can read more on my website Thank you for considering me. Aubrey.