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The Lost Words: A Spell Book

He created a magical work of poem-spells to conjure this world back into being. He picked twenty plant, bird and animal names and travelled the route of the alphabet, from acorn to wren. He wove his poems around their characters and their letters. These were printed on artist Jackie Morris' wonderful two-page spreads; illustrations capturing first the scattered letters, then a close-up and finally the living thing as a part of its habitat: heron 'rock still at weir sill', Kingfisher 'zingfisher, singfisher'. The book had been planned as a work for children and primary schools across Britain have been provided with copies. However, the book's beauty, wit and wisdom have inspired people of all ages, more conscious now than ever of the perilous state of our natural world. Carers working with vulnerable people use this book and it has been adapted for many artistic expressions: dance, theatre, even graffiti. Now, several successful musicians are recreating the poems as songs – conjuring up the magic of this beautiful book in another art form.

Shelfmark: : LB Folio Case: 5897

Clíona Ní Shúilleabháin

Clíona Ní Shúilleabháin, formerly Electronic Resources Librarian for over 10 years, is currently Subject Librarian for modern romance languages, Irish and Celtic languages, Near & Middle Eastern Studies and for the School of Religion. She is interested in language, traditional music and the environment.