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A Cruikshank Caricature

The nineteenth century saw further progression in the development of the bicycle, with both tri- and bi-cycling gaining popularity. Organisations such as the Cyclists' Touring Club and the Irish Cycling Association were formed to promote cycling both as a sport and as a leisure pursuit. The financial cost and the practicalities of storing a cycle made ownership unfeasible for most people. However, with the aid of improvements in design, reduced costs and increased investment in road surfaces, cycling eventually gained universal popularity, thus helping to make it the affordable, enjoyable and environmentally friendly mode of transport that it is today.

Shelfmark: OLS CARI-ROB 157

Shane Mawe

Shane Mawe is an Assistant Librarian in the Department of Early Printed Books and Special Collections. He is interested in the history of detective and mystery fiction as well as contributing to the Library's teaching and research programmes.