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IDTechEx Show 2019 - Follow Up


Friday 10th May 2019

IDTechEx is one of the largest and most relevant events in the Emerging Technologies calendar.  The event takes place at different locations globally and its European edition takes place every spring in Berlin. The event covers the areas of 3D printing, Electrical vehicles, Energy Storage, Graphene & 2D materials and Internet of Things amount other tightly related areas. Every year there are more than 2,500 attendees and 200 exhibitors that arrive to keep up latest Innovations through either Presentations, Workshops and Masterclasses. This year edition is particularly focused on materials for energy storage (including battery technology) and electric vehicles with 35 presentations from Industry and academia on the subject over the 3 days of the event.

Trinity College Dublin at IDTechEx Show Berlin 2019

Trinity College Dublin exhibited at IDTechEx Berlin 2019 to meet with existing partners and to seek out new partners for Trinity College Dublin, offering to add value to their existing Research & Development portfolios.

Dr. John Whelan – ICT Research Commercialisation Manager chaired the Smart Cities Session and delivered a presentation on Pervasive Nation: Lessons From A LoRaWAN Integration With A 5G Network In A Smart City Environment.

The Trinity College stand was visited by over 150 visitors from Industry, Venture Capital, Research Institutes and Government Agencies during the two-day event. There was a noticeable increase in visitors over the previous year in addition to several B2B meetings requested before the event.

Declan Weldon, Head of the Office of Corporate Partnership and Knowledge Exchange commented after the event - “Currently many economic sectors are being disrupted by emerging technologies in the materials and computer sciences and developments in the engineering space. Large and small Tech companies operate globally and need to develop new partnerships that will help them stay competitive. Trinity’s reputation for world class research in the areas of Materials, Networks and Creative Technologies can provide this knowledge-based support and participation in IDTechX is an efficient way to meet those companies.”

Partner with Trinity College Dublin

  • Trinity College Dublin is committed to support industry — from start-ups to SMEs to MNCs, from short term projects to long term on-going collaborative projects.
  • We work collaboratively with International Industry stakeholders and agencies to share infrastructure and expertise, tackle industry relevant research challenges, problems, or address grand challenges.
  • We aim to successfully transfer of knowledge and technology from Trinity Research outcomes to external entities for measurable societal and economic impact.

Industry Collaboration

Trinity has a strong record of successful collaboration with both global and local industry partners. Our dedicated Business Engagement Team have the experience and networks necessary to build project teams from across the entire breath of our University, delivering over 100 major research and development projects for clients each year. We also have the flexibility and timing response to complete one-off, bespoke projects. Our graduates and post-graduates are among the very best Entrepreneurs in Europe (Pitchbook 2016, 2017 and 2018) and engagement with Trinity through research is the best way to meet and identify this talent pool.

Trinity hosts a number of Research Excellence initiatives at a national level funded by Science Foundation Ireland and Enterprise Ireland that were showcased among many other research & innovation initiatives and include:

AMBER (Advanced Materials and Bioengineering Research) is a Science Foundation Ireland funded centre that provides a partnership between leading researchers in materials science and industry. AMBER focuses on translating science into new discoveries and devices for the ICT, medical devices and industrial technology sectors. AMBER’s research programme spans from development of novel data processing and memory applications, thermoelectric devices, food & pharmaceutical packaging and sensing materials, medical implant coatings, diagnosis and drug delivery systems and regenerative tissue engineering.

CONNECT is the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications. Its mission is to research and develop innovative solutions for today’s communications challenges. The main areas of cous are Internet of Things, 5G networks and new broadband architectures. ENABLE is a research initiative that studies how to connect communities with smart urban environments through Internet of Things.

ADAPT Centre, funded by Science Foundation Ireland focuses on developing next generation digital technologies that transform how people communicate by helping to analyse, personalise and deliver digital data more effectively for businesses and individuals.
ADAPT's transformative tools allow you explore video, text, speech and image data in a natural way across languages and devices, helping companies unlock opportunities that exist within digital content to re-imagine how to connect people, process and data to realise new economic value.

Learnovate is a Research and Innovation centre (funded by Enterprise Ireland) focused on EdTech and learning technologies. With over twenty full-time researchers and practitioners, Learnovate has one of the richest concentrations of EdTech expertise in Europe. Learnovate provides expertise to companies that want to maximise the power of technology (including sensors, wearables, etc.) to enhance learning outcomes. These include creators of learning technologies as well as organisations who want to deploy learning technologies in ways that have real impact on end users.

Main Research Themes are:

  1. Digital Content for effective learning
  2. Personalisation for tailoring the learning experience
  3. Learning Analytics for better understanding learning performance
  4. Games & Gamification for empowering end-users of learning tools.
  5. Interoperability to provide richer more holistic learning experience
  6. Social Networks for supporting learning to meet needs through communities around them.


Trinity Technologies
TCD has a broad portfolio of technologies available for licensing. This is continually refreshed and reviewed.

  1. ICT
  2. Engineering and Natural Sciences
  3. BioMedical
  4. Life Sciences

Campus Company Creation
Trinity manages a large portfolio of potential new Campus Companies which results in an average of 5-6 new ventures each year. We invest our time and experience to help create investible high-worth Ventures. Through our dedicated Seed Investment Fund managed by Atlantic Bridge we make sure that the companies and founders have the best possible start to their venture. Our New Venture Team are working with our most recent spin-outs in ICT (Danalto Ltd), Sensors (Senoptica Ltd), Data Management (DataChemist) and AR/VR (Volograms Ltd) to bring the very latest technologies with the best teams to global markets.

Juan Valverde May 2019